How to Attract Women in a Chat Room

Chat rooms have recently become a popular tool in meeting people and potentially finding someone who you would like to date. These rooms can be a great way to meet women and they have proven to be very helpful to men, especially those who are normally extremely shy. You must remember when in a chat room to be very careful about who you give any personal information to because just like anywhere else in the world, there are bad people inside chat rooms. If you are worried that you will have trouble attracting women in a chat room there are several tips to help you get started.

Build the Relationship

One of the major differences between men and women is the speed at which they want to build a relationship. Men have a tendency to jump right into their relationships but women like to slowly build the relationship and see where it goes. If you are trying to attract women in a chat room, you should try to take it slow and work to build a relationship with the women you meet. Women also like to form more long-term relationships; generally they are not just in it for a little while but they are hoping to have a relationship that lasts forever.

It is advised not to jump right in and start asking the woman you chat with a bunch of personal questions – try to get to know her first. A good rule to follow is to let her lead the direction of the conversation, this way you are sure not to jump ahead of her. If she does not have a profile picture up for you to see, refrain yourself from asking her right away. Many women are said to be offended by this because it makes them feel as if the man would not talk to them unless they were pretty enough. Wait a few days before making any request for a picture.

Be Confident

Confidence is the number one thing that most women look for in a man. The great thing about chat rooms is that they can give all of us the potential to be confident. Even if you are normally an insecure person who lacks confidence, the security in a chat room can help you build that confidence. Since you do not have to meet face to face with the women, it can elevate some of your nervousness. Many men who claim to normally be shy and insecure declare that the chat rooms have helped them gain a sense of confidence they did not know they had. For some reason, it can be a lot easier to talk to someone through a computer than it is to talk to them face to face.

Your first few sessions may have you feeling like a nervous wreck but before too long you will start to feel more comfortable with the whole process. The more women you chat with, the more confidence you will gain. Remember that women are attracted to confident men so try to show them that side of you as you begin to chat but do not let your confidence turn into arrogance.

Keep a Sense of Humor

Women love men with a sense of humor, so be sure to add some comic relief into you chat room talk. These can just be simple little comments or jokes, just enough to make her laugh. Humor can also take the tension off until the two of you are more comfortable talking to each other. Be sure not to make any off-color, religious or political jokes until you know the type of person she is because you certainly do not want to offend her.

If humor doesn’t come easy to you then try talking about your favorite part in a funny movie you recently watched or about a clip from a popular sit-com that was just on. Anything to take the edge off until you are not so nervous anymore and yes talking in a chat room will get easier the more you chat. Do not be too hard on yourself if your first few contacts do not work out, just keep meeting different women and you are sure to find the right one or you.

Things in Common

A great place to start when talking to women in a chat room is to find things that the two of you have in common. This could be movies or the television shows you watch, books you read or music you listen to, anything basically that will give the two of you a chance talk freely and help you to feel less nervous. Be sure to list on your profile as many likes and hobbies as possible because this will make you seem compatible with more women. For example, if you are interested in NASCAR and you put that on your profile, women NASCAR fans are more likely to chat with you. In addition, it will give you both plenty to talk about.

Be Yourself

When you are in a chat room and the other person is miles away making the chances of ever meeting them fairly slim, it may be easy to think that it would be ok to lie a little about who you are. This is really a bad strategy because it can really easily backfire on you and you will risk losing any of the contacts you have built up. Creating a chat room character that is not really like you can be hard to keep up with and really it is just not worth it. Basically, this practice is just wrong and you will be sorry in the end but by then it might be too late to correct.

If through the chat room, you meet someone that you would like to meet this could be a great chance at a new relationship. However, if you have not been yourself during your chat room talks and she finds out this could easily make her change her mind. Women like men who are honest and if they catch you not telling the truth during a chat, it may very quickly end the relationship. Be sure to just be yourself and you will be surprised how many women want to chat with you.

Don’t Believe Everything

We just discussed how important it is to be honest in these chat rooms and to let the women get to know the real you but it is important to realize before diving into one of these sites that not everyone is honest. You will meet many people in the various chat rooms and you can be certain that a least a portion of them will not be telling you the truth about themselves. They may just tell you what they think you want to hear rather than their honest opinions or beliefs. This is unfortunate and can lead you to think you have found a potential match who isn’t who you thought she was. So always be wary in chat rooms until you are sure you can trust who you are speaking to.

The best way to prevent this is to build your relationship slowly. Over time the person you chat with is more likely to come clean and tell you who they are or to slip up with what they say and cause a red flag to go up. Chat rooms can be a lot of fun and you will enjoy being on them but you do need to be careful especially when it comes to personal information.

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