Baptism Gift Ideas for Girls

The baptism of a child is one of the most important days in her life as a Christian. It marks the beginning of her walk with the Lord and even if the child is too young to remember this day, there are a multitude of baptism gift ideas for girls that can stay with her for a lifetime. From jewelry to religious mementos, there is plenty to choose from with a little imagination and perhaps a word or two whith the child’s parents! There is always something that has special significance to the family which would make a perfect gift and of course little ones always need clothes and toys. Nothing in the ‘rule book’ of Baptism mandates that the gift must be religious in nature, although many people prefer to stick with gifts that hold significance in the life of a Christian.

Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Being Baptized

More Christian denominations baptize infants than those performing the rite with older children and adults. As a result, most baptismal gifts that are made specifically for this Sacrament are made with babies in mind. One of the most common types of gifts for babies being baptized is jewelry. Some people like to give the gift of a tiny gold cross while others choose a religious medal bearing the child’s Patron Saint. Some tiny girls have their ears pierced and little gold cross earrings are made especially for infants. Little bracelets and anklets are also wonderful gift ideas and there are several available in infant sizes.

Another nice idea for infant baptisms is to purchase a white leather-bound Bible with the child’s name inscribed on it along with the date of her baptism. Other people like to give Christian story books and/or Christian music for children. Godparents are known to go over the top when it comes to baptism gift ideas for girls and many of them purchase things like CDs that mature when the child reaches college age. In fact, savings accounts and CDs are also a favorite gift idea among grandparents, aunts and uncles as well.

Baptism Gift Ideas for Older Girls

Some denominations, such as Baptists, believe that children should be old enough to make a conscious decision to follow Christ. Most often the child will need to be at least a teenager before the minister will baptize them. In these cases, it is really much easier to find baptism gifts because the girls will tell you (often in no uncertain terms!) what they want for a present. However, if the gift is to be a surprise you can always enlist the help of mom and dad. There isn’t a teenager, or adult for that matter, who doesn’t have a ‘wish list’ a mile long!

Again, white leather Bibles make nice gift ideas for a girl’s baptism and there are some really great teen Bibles that would be absolutely perfect. Red letter student study Bibles are perfect because they can be taken to Sunday school and used to learn more about this faith she has just been baptized in. Of course jewelry is always nice and what girl wouldn’t like a gold cross with a diamond accent? They are not always expensive but they are always a great gift idea. In fact, sometimes it is nice to give the girl a cross with her birthstone in it if that is what you prefer.

Religious Articles for Baptism

There are a great number of Christian bookstores and religious article stores that have a special line of gifts suitable for baptismal gifts. These range from wall plaques to rosaries and there are even story books about baptism that make lovely presents. Although an infant wouldn’t understand it now, parents like to talk to their children about baptism as the child grows old enough to understand a bit more about ‘going to church.’

Perhaps one of the most memorable baptism gift ideas for girls is a baptism photo frame. Most often the frame has a little prayer or saying on it with at least one area for a picture of the child’s baptism at church. When buying this type of gift it is nice to bring your own camera along to the church to snap the photo as the priest or minister is pouring water over the child’s head. Some picture frames can even be engraved with the child’s name and the date of the ceremony.

Baptism gifts for girls can be inexpensive if cost is an issue or they can be quite extravagant as would be the case when purchased by Grandma or Grandpa. In any case, this is a special day so the present doesn’t need to cost much but it should always be a keepsake that can be a fond memento to cherish forever. If you don’t have a Christian book and gift store in your community, there are plenty of online merchants that carry gifts for special occasions like this. Just bear in mind the time in transit if the gift must be shipped so that it is ready when the special day arrives.

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