Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends

Part of the joy of having a cute nickname for your boyfriend is the fact that he will probably hate it and feel embarrassed every time you use it. However at the same time, if the name is well chosen, there is a chance that he will secretly quite love the name and particularly the affection that goes with it. The fact that you are close enough to tease him this way will also be something that he responds to and it can create an in joke that brings you closer still. It’s a great way to show affection in a tongue in cheek way, and to bring your guy back down to Earth whenever he’s getting a little too full of himself. He might be ‘Iceman’ to his friends, and ‘sir’ at work, but to you he will be ‘little bunny’.

The difficulty is in picking your guy’s nickname and this is something that you need to put some thought into. If you just pick a name you like and use that then it might not fit and it can seem contrived and awkward. It needs to be born out of who he is and take his features into account and it needs to come about in a natural way.

However that said there are definitely some commonalities between these cute nicknames and some methods you can use to construct them quickly and easily and by following these you can make sure that they are appropriately mushy and horrendous.

Aspects of a Pet Name

If you want your pet name to be romantic and mushy then there are some things you can use to assemble it:

Foods: Use the foods your guy loves that are as ‘un-manly’ as possible. ‘Truffle’, ‘chocolate’, ‘treacle’, ‘banana’, ‘pear’, ‘peach’, ‘tomato’, ‘cheese stick’, ‘pie’, ‘pudding’, ‘milky’, ‘potato’ etc. It’s even better if you guy resembles the food in some way – for instance if he’s pasty then ‘milky’ suits perfectly, while if he’s always red in the face ‘tomato’ can work well.

Animals: An alternative to a foodstuff is an animal. Again this can be one that they like or that they genuinely resemble and it can be embarrassing or flattering. Decide whether they are more of a bunny, a tiger, a bear (big boyfriends only) or a squirrel etc.

Prefixes: Putting things at the beginning of the name can make it more amusing and make it more like a real name. For instance ‘Mr Tomato’ or ‘Doctor Pudding’.

Description: Adding descriptions makes the image you’re conjuring more detailed and real and at the same time – more embarrassing. As such then ‘Cuddly Potato’ or ‘Cheesy Peach’ or ‘Hot Potato’ or ‘Funny Bunny’ or ‘Mighty Duck’ are all great nicknames. These descriptors can be either real (though probably exaggerated), flattering or ironic for being opposites. If your guy is a bit of a stud then calling him ‘Chubby Duck’ will keep him nicely grounded.

Body Parts: You can also add a body part in there if there’s one you really like, such as ‘Hot Legs’, ‘Sexy Bum’ or ‘Sweet Lips’. Add this to one of the animals and you have ‘Sweet Lips Monkey’ which is disturbing but somehow amusing…

Now combine the elements of the nickname to create something new and creative and make it as long or as short as you like. So ‘Mr Funny Monkey’, ‘Doctor Hot Lips Squirrel’ or ‘Cookie’. Have fun and make sure to use it lots in front of his friends.

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