Dating Swedish Men

If you wish to date a Swedish guy, or if you are already dating a Swedish guy, you might be wondering about how this could be different from dating guys from your own culture – and how you can go about preparing yourself for the experience and making sure that you account for their nationality.

Meeting Swedish Men

If you want to meet a Swedish guy then there are many ways to go about doing this. You can use dating websites and search for people who are Swedish, or you can visit dating sites that are specifically designed for meeting Swedish people – a method which will ensure the most selection and opportunity. Alternatively of course you can find Swedish guys through your friends, go to Swedish bars and restaurants or best of all – visit the country.

Don’t Generalise

Firstly recognise the fact that every guy is unique and different and there is no single way that Swedish guys are going to act – it will depend on the guy you meet. Take time to get to know who it is you are dating and don’t make assumptions about how they should behave – this can insulting in fact.

That said, any attempt you make to better understand their heritage and their country will be greatly appreciated and depending on how much National pride they demonstrate it is important that you demonstrate how you are interested to learn more about where they come from.

Swedish Culture

That said Swedes do of course have their own culture and language and understanding this can help you to get along. The official language of Sweden is of course Swedish and any attempt to learn phrases from the language will likely be appreciated as a sweet thing to try and do. Some people in Northern areas of Sweden will speed Saami or Finnish. Swedish is a Germanic language with ties to Latin, German and Danish.

While these are generalisations and will vary from person to person as already expressed, men from Sweden tend to encourage being humble and dislike boasting. Swedish men are also likely to speak calmly and to refrain from displaying anger or other strong emotions. They general avoid excess and flashiness and have a leaning towards egalitarianism. They will tend to take their family lives very seriously too and this is something you should respect and take time to be a part of.

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  1. Hey everyone. It was nice to read little about Swedish guys. Well, I have a small problem, I really like this boy, his Swedish and we go to the same school. We look at each other from time to time and smile at each other but the thing is we are not friends and we have no mutual friends and I really want to talk to him and know him better. We go to the same gym as well. I think he does have crush on me because he looks at me pretty much every time I pass through. I'm overweight and I have been pushed a lot of guys as many guys pushed me away because of my situation being overweight. I don't want him to push me away like the others just because I'm little bigger than the normal. I'm really shy person as well so I can't go up to him and just talk to him that would be awkward. Please guys, need some advice.

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