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Beautiful Women

There are many beautiful women in the world from all nationalities, religions and cultures. Although the concept of what is considered beautiful has changed drastically throughout history, the fact that men are usually attracted to beautiful women has not changes over the centuries. Through the years, men have lined up for their chance to date a beautiful woman, most hoping for just one date. It’s important for men to realize that beautiful women are just like all the other women with feelings and personalities and beautiful women, just like every other woman, are just looking for a good guy to date.

Men often find themselves both attracted to and intimidated by beautiful women. They love to watch them but most feel that they are entirely out of their league. They are often scared of beautiful women and feel like they could never ask them out. Beautiful women always have a good list of men dying to take them out but this does not mean that you do not have a chance of dating a beautiful woman. You just need to keep a few things in mind before dating a beautiful woman.

Keep Up With Your Looks

To a beautiful woman, her looks are everything and she takes great pride in keeping herself looking good. It is only natural that a beautiful woman will want a man who shares in that philosophy and takes care of himself as well. You can start by keeping yourself well groomed with a decent haircut, a clean-shaven face or well-trimmed beard and a clean and tidy appearance. You should consider a manicure and consider a tan. These things will most likely be very important to a beautiful woman and she will have trained eyes that immediately look for these things in a man.

If you need to lose a few pounds and get into better physical shape then it is time to hit the gym and start getting yourself back into shape. Your beautiful woman certainly considers physical fitness important. If you know what gym she goes to, your workout could be the perfect place to frequently run into her. Current trends in fashion are also important to beautiful women, so you will want to go shopping and buy yourself some outfits matching the current styles. By looking good yourself, you have a better chance of attracting her attention.

Gain Confidence

Beautiful women mostly have a great confidence about them and they are very secure with a high sense of self-esteem. They are certainly looking for a guy with a matching confidence and self-esteem. They want a man who they know is sure of himself and who will be able to take care of her and her needs. As a beautiful woman, she is going to be looked at by a lot of men so she needs a man who is confident in himself and who will not be getting jealous all the time. If you are a jealous person, you will need to find a way to overcome your jealousy before dating a beautiful woman because she will always have lots of guys around her.

If you have low confidence or low self-esteem, this must be the first thing that you work on. Although dating a beautiful woman is likely to really boost your confidence level, it is important that you are self-confident before asking a woman out. She will not like you to be arrogant but she will want you to like who you are. There are self-help books to buy and seminars to attend that can help you boost your self-confidence level.

Ask Her Out

The only way that you are going to date a beautiful woman is if you ask one out. Beautiful women have enough men coming after them that they never have the need to approach a man first. So if you are waiting for that beautiful girl to notice you and ask you out, it is not going to happen. You may be thinking that it is too big of a risk because she may reject you and say no. Honestly, no one can tell you what her response will be and this is where your newly earned self-confidence comes into play.

Before you ask her out, be sure to have a plan for where you want to take her and know what you are going to say. Remember that she is looking for a self-assured man, so she will expect you to know what you are going to say. If you know anything about what she likes to do, try to plan a date out that includes things that she likes to do. She is more likely to say yes if she is interested in the place you are going to take her.

Make Her Feel Special

Now that you have the date, you want to of course treat her very well. Beautiful women are used to being treated to nice dates and pampered, so be sure to take the time to plan the date out. By having all of the details planned will also help you have confidence through the night. You will want to add special touches throughout the evening so that she is able to feel extra special like a limousine ride, a serenade with music during dinner or a special gift for her. The most important thing that you want to be sure of is that the evening is centered around her and trying to make her feel special.

You will want to look past your beautiful woman’s looks and get to know who she really is. Beautiful women tend to believe that people, especially men, only like them for their looks and not for the person that she really is. You want her to know that you are different than most guys and you really care about her. Ask her questions about her thoughts and ideas, her feeling and likes and her hopes and dreams. Making yourself stand out from the other guys by focusing on her as a person will certainly secure you a second date.

Be Sincere

Most importantly be yourself and do not try to be someone else just in the hopes that she will like you. If you start the relationship on lies and let her believe that you are something that you are not will only ruin any chances later when she finds out the truth. She must like you for who you are and not some fantasy person that you make up. It is just how the old saying goes; honesty is always the best policy. Being true to yourself will also show her that you are self-confident.

Sincerity is also very important to beautiful woman because they meet many people through the course of their life that are superficial and only want to be around her because of her looks. Let her know that you care about more than her looks and that she is important to you. She will usually be able to spot who is sincere and who just wants a date with her, so be honest and sincere and she will certainly notice. Asking a beautiful woman out is just like asking out any woman and you never know what the answer will be until you ask.

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  • The advice make her feel special is crap. All men supplicate to her like little needy bitches. She needs to know from day one that you're valuable and that you won't put up with any crap just cuz she's cute.

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