Dating Tips for Men: When a Girl Wants You to Approach Her

Most men wonder through their day oblivious to any signs that women give off to show that they are interested in them. They think that if a woman likes them that she will come up and let them know. This couldn’t be further from the truth because women give off signs all of the time to let men know they are interested. What most women do not do is go right up to a man a let him know they are interested in them. So how is a man to know if he should approach a girl or not?

The answer is quite clearly to look for the signs that women give and they show these signs of interest all of the time. From the way a woman looks, talks, laughs or flirts, these signs are all meant to subtlety let the guy know that she is attracted to him. Unfortunately, what women consider to be sure signs to their man, most men see nothing. This lack of communication between men and women has caused many couples not to get together because neither one thought the other one was interested. Men would be able to know when they could safely approach a woman if they only knew the right signs to look for.

Is She Flirting?

Many men ask themselves how to tell if a girl is flirting with them or not. They consider women to be a mystery and they find themselves either misreading signs or missing them altogether. Ironically, most men claim to not be able to notice when a girl is flirting with them but they have no trouble noting when a girl is flirting with another guy. This has to do with the perspective at which they are looking from, most likely men see the signs but are not one hundred percent sure they are reading them right. But when it comes to flirting most women are pretty straight forward about it.

If a girl is talking to you a lot, giggling or twirling her hair in her fingers, these are all sure signs of flirting. When a girl laughs at all of your jokes even when they are not funny, it’s definitely a sign of flirting. Chances are that she isn’t even really listening to you but she is just giddy because she likes you and that is why she laughs a lot. If a women is talking to you and touches you a lot this will be another sign that she is interested. I would say most likely if you feel that a woman has been flirting with you, there is a good chance that what you believe is right.

The Look

Women also try to say a lot with the looks they give and they usually feel that the look they give should be a huge sign to men that they are interested. Even if most men see women give them a certain look being able to interpret the look can be very difficult. First, men find themselves wondering if she is looking at them or the guy beside him.

One sign in a woman’s look that will let you know that she is interested is if she looks directly into your eyes. Most women do not make contact with strangers unless they are interested in them. Keep in mind that you are going to have to look into the women’s eyes too, if you want to be able to tell how she is looking at you. If you see a woman catching glances at you but looking away quickly when she sees you looking, this could be another sign that she is interested in you. This probably will not just happen once but repeatedly if she is trying to get your attention.

Make the First Move

Although it is considered in today’s society proper for both men and women to ask each other out on a date, most women still feel that it is the man’s job and they want to be the one asked out. Even when most women are interested in a man, they still will not approach a man first under any circumstances. This does not mean that they won’t start flirting first and start talking to you first but they will not initiate a date with you or an exchange of phone numbers.

With this in mind it is safe to say that if you want to know if a girl is interested in you the best way to find out is to ask her out. You probably have a good sense as to whether a girl likes you or not. You may try to talk yourself out of it and say that you read her messages wrong but chances are if you thought that she was interested in you then she probably is. Before making your first move, be sure you know what you are going to say to her or what type of date you are going to ask her out on. You will be a little nervous because everyone is when they ask a girl out for the first time. The more prepared you are the better chance you have of getting her to say yes.

If you have just met the girl or she does not know you very well, you will want to suggest that your first date be in a public place. With all of the possible dangers out there she will want to get to know you better before going anywhere private with you. You cannot meet a girl one day and invite her to your place the next day, she will most likely give you a flat out no. Select a place like a restaurant, the movies or theater. This type of date will make the women more likely to say yes.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks that men come across is their lack of confidence and the worry that she will turn them down. You must work to overcome this fear and gain enough confidence to start asking women that you are attracted to out. Women are not as complicated as men sometimes believe they are and if you feel the attraction the only way you will know is she too feels the attraction is to boost your confidence and ask her.

Women also like men who are confident and show their confidence. Most women want a man who is self-assured and confident because they want to be sure that he will be able to take care of her. Try to gain some tips on how to become more confident because the more sure you are of yourself the more sure she will be of you.

Every man at some point in his life deals with rejection when asking a girl out. Sometime you will feel the connection and think the girl is attracted to you but then she flat out rejects you. You just have to understand that sometime things just are not meant to be and maybe she doesn’t date strangers or is already in a relationship. The reasons for her saying no could be endless so do not beat yourself up about it, just move on and try again.

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