Ways to Make a Girl Blush

There is nothing quite like watching that slight hint of rosiness creep up into a girl’s cheeks. It’s a clear indication that she is either flattered, enamored or affected by you in some way and things are only going to get better. When it comes to making a girl blush, it takes a special kind of somebody to be subtle enough to really make her cheeks burn. You are that special somebody or at least you will be.

Step One: Sincere Complimenting…

Is one of the best ways to give her that crimson-cheeked madness. There is an art to it though. Most guys know about complimenting and what an effective tool it can be but when it comes to actually doing it, they’re as lost as a duck in a grocery store. Girls are clever. We know when you’re just trying out a tactic on us. We’ve been doing this for a while. Also, some girls don’t like compliments because they feel like you are putting them on the spot and your words of appreciation are often mistaken for a cheap attempt at getting into our pants.

So start simple. If you really like this girl, you won’t have to look hard for something about her that hits you in the right way. Now, you’re going to compliment her but you will not, under any circumstances, leave it hanging in the air. Make sure that it’s something she can easily respond to or even a conversation starter. Subtlety is your best friend and the easiest way to harness this subtlety is by not making the compliment too personal but rather indirect. Here’s an example:

“Wow, that ring is really beautiful. I have a bunch of turquoise gem stones at home but I’m not really sure what to do with them.” Now initially, this won’t make her blush but it is a step toward subtly showing your appreciation; a gateway to the blushing part if you will. Hold back for a while with normal conversation. You’ve already planted the seed in her head that you like her and now she’s looking for hints of your feelings in everything you say. You don’t want to seem like that obsessed, psycho freak she dated last year (it only lasted a week okay!).

Now this is where things get interesting. As you’re about to part ways try and casually get her to stay. When she says “I guess I should be going now” retaliate with a disarming smile (please don’t try to be sexy) and say something like “I was thinking maybe we could – insert activity of your choice here – before we call it a night? Then follow it up with the kicker, “This is much more exciting than the evening I had planned” and be sure to pause for effect. This should get the blood warming in her cheeks. Some women are stubborn though and determined not to show how vulnerable the appreciation of a gorgeous/awesome man can make them feel. If you don’t win this time, don’t lose heart just yet.

Step Two: Spontaneous Activity

The next step is to make her aware of something romantic/sexy that is happening between you two that you are both aware of but possibly haven’t spoken about yet. She’s taken the bait on your evening activity together. Ask her if she wants to get a bite to eat or at least something to drink. Everybody has to eat and drink right? Head out to the most intimate place you know in the area but don’t let on. Make the whole thing seem casual and spontaneous. Ordering a glass of wine or two always helps because neither of you are necessarily drunk but you can always use the rosé as an excuse. Give it about half an hour and then lean out to touch her hand for a moment. The likelihood is that she will respond in some way, hopefully she will welcome the gesture. As she does this look up at her and look like you are mildly excited. As soon as she realizes what’s happening and that you are both aware of it, the blood will rush to her cheeks quicker than you thought humanly possible. The point is to make her feel good about herself but the blushing will happen when she realizes how you feel about her. Once you’ve both committed to the moment, it will be impossible for her to keep her feelings from showing in her cheeks.

Step Three: Try Something New

Get her to do something she would normally be too scared to do and enjoy it! This one is tricky but there is nothing more incredible than catching someone spontaneously enjoying themselves and then realizing how much fun they are having because of you. We would all like to have that credit! Why not take her dancing? This may seem silly at first but there are many girls who secretly love to dance but just can’t pluck up the courage. This will, of course, have to happen after the wining and dining in the case of the shyest young lady but is totally worth it. Why not try luring her to a salsa class? Once you’ve convinced her you aren’t gay you will find yourselves learning together and laughing. There is always that inevitable moment when you get a sequence right for the first time and once you realize how hard you were both concentrating you end up blushing like anything.

Step Four: Your Mates

If you don’t know her well enough for something so long-term, introduce her to your friends in a creative way. One of the best tricks in the book is that all important comment from your best guy friend. Nothing makes a woman blush quite like hearing: “wow, Peter, you were right, stunning!” this way it’s clear you are into her but you also don’t seem too desperate because you just chatted about it with the boys. If you can get your friends to do the script justice (especially if they really believe it) you’ll have her blushing in no time!

Step Five: Playfulness

If all else fails, you could always take the path less travelled and try being playful with her. This is also a great way to bypass awkward situations. For example, if someone asks the two of you how long you’ve been together, shoot her a smile and say “Oh, Shnoeki and I have been seeing each other for a whopping three months now” then look back at the pesky question-bearer and say “but it’s definitely important that you get to know her. I think I’d like to keep this one.” This way, things are still playful and light but you’re sending a message beneath it all that is quite clear and will make her feel really special. You want to be with her and you see yourself with her in the long-term. Just make sure that you execute this one carefully. Most people don’t like to think about the long-term after only a short time dating, so know your audience. Make the most of moments that arise. If you watch her body language and you feel frisky enough to breach the comfort zone slightly, you’ll be able to effectively make her blush without humiliating her.

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  1. What if I am younger and not quite an individual who doesn't have open plans? And what if I just want a blush not a relationship?

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