How to Date a Cougar

If you have decide to take the plunge into the world of cougar dating then there are a lot of things you should know first, not only about cougar women but also about you and the way you can ensure success. Dating older women is not much different than dating women your own age but there are some differences. It is also important to know the ideal spots to hook up with cougars and where you are most apt to meet them. So far the two most common ways to meet cougar women is at an online dating site/social networking site or at a bar. One these two avenues to snag a cougar, the most preferred is the bar method as you have the pleasure of meeting your cougar in person. Online photos can be deceiving so use caution when choosing a woman from an online dating site. The following information could be helpful in increasing your chances of finding and dating a cougar woman.

What Is a Cougar?

The typical description of a cougar is a woman who is 40 plus and on the hunt for a much younger man. The age gap is usually 10 plus years. The cougar woman can be married, divorced or single. She may be looking for a long term relationship with a younger man or she may just be looking for a good time. Most of the time a woman who is called a cougar has money and can also be viewed as a sort of sugar mama. However, it is important to realize that this is not always the case and that a cougar does not have to have money or social standing to be considered a cougar.

What Do Cougars Look for in Men?

The first and most obvious thing a cougar is looking for is a much younger man with fire in his veins in the sexual arena. Remember that cougars are at their sexual prime and so they are looking for a man who can keep up. A cougar woman usually wants a fun loving, carefree guy who is willing to try anything. She has grown tired of the boring “same old-same old” she gets from guys her own age. She wants a guy who she can walk around with an show off and then take home and devour. Keep in mind that you can easily scare a cougar off if she feels like you want to own her. While there are some cougars who want to engage in long term relationships with younger men, most of them are in it for the fun and do not want any strings attached. If you are an emotional sap who gets attached easily be aware that you may get hurt messing around with a cougar.

How Not to Behave Around a Cougar

One huge mistake that younger guys make when they are dealing with cougars is to try and act much older and more mature than what they really are. Remember, your youth is what she is looking for to begin with. Do not try to act like someone you are not in order to impress her for this will surely backfire on you. In addition, you never want to place too much emphasis on your difference in age. Yes, a cougar woman wants a younger man but she does not want to be constantly reminded about this. Saying things like “You look good for your age” will not always win you brownie points. When offering compliments, leave the age bit out. In addition, do not tell her you are out scoping out older women. Neither you nor she will be oblivious to the fact that she is older and you are hitting on her. Stay away from any reference to age just to be safe.

Do Not Become Possessive

Chances are your cougar woman may have just come out of a relationship in which she was “supervised” too much. She may even be in a relationship now with someone who drives her mad. If you are looking to keep your cougar for awhile do not start asking her questions about where she is going and what she is doing. Obviously, if she sets the field for this type of behavior by starting it herself then let the games begins. But for the most part you will probably find that cougar women are more mature than the 20 year old girls you are used to dating. They have already been through all the games that people play and are now just looking for some light-hearted fun.

What to Talk About on a Date With a Cougar

There are some things you will want to avoid discussing with a cougar woman. Firstly, stay away from raving about the frat party you were at last week or your favorite sports team. Try focusing on more intelligent conversation but do stay away from subjects like religion and politics. Talk about things you like to do, music you enjoy, films you have seen recently and even your job but leave all of your youth related antics out of the mix. You will also want to follow the same rules of thumb concerning dating any woman. No woman, no matter how old wants to hear about your other sexual conquests so stay away from discussing other sex partners or past activities. And no matter what you do, do not start prying into her sexual history right off the bat. You will at some point need to discuss these matters if you plan to take the relationship to a sexual level (of course you do) for sexual safety reasons. However, doing it on your first couple of dates is tasteless.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that while cougars are older women they are still women. The same rules that apply with any other date may just apply with your cougar woman. Every person is an individual so stay away from stereo typing or assuming anything about the lovely lady you are out with. Take some time to get to know each other and make sure that you have the same goals in terms of what you are looking for from each other.

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