How to Attract Older Men

This seems like an easy enough question doesn’t it? After all everyone knows that older men love younger girls don’t they? Well, this may not always be the case, at least not for the long term. Sure an older man will love a good time with a younger woman but will he want to keep her around for awhile or move on to his next conquest? If you have found an older man that you want to snag then there are a few things you better learn and quick. Some of the following tidbits of information may help you to not only snag an older man but to keep him as well.

Beauty Is as Beauty Does

Just about all of us have heard someone say these words, more than likely it was our grandmother but no matter who said them they still ring true. An older man will at first become attracted to your physical beauty but if you cannot maintain a certain amount of elegance and grace then he will probably not want to stick around for very long. Keep in mind that older men have been through their party days and are usually not looking for a long term and meaningful relationship with party animals. So, if you want to become his number one and catch him for good then refrain from showing up on his door step after a long night of drinking with your friends, missing one shoe!

Making Him Feel Old Is Never Good

When you meet an older man and decide to try and connect with him on an intimate level you may want to try and avoid continuous reminders of your age difference. Sure, you can play with him if he initiates it and it isn’t about what you say but about what you do. Do not bring along a bunch of your peers who have their heads in the clouds and view your man as “grandpa.” This can turn into a disaster quick. You may also want to pay attention to the things that interest him and try to learn about them. Do not try and shove things that you like down his throat. Depending on the age difference there may be a significant generation gap and the chances of him loving the same alternative rock band you like are slim. He also may not want to go rollerblading up sunset strip with you unless he is very active himself. If you want to make the first move then try asking him to go out with you for a nice meal and glass of wine at first. This is always a safe bet and gives you an air of maturity.

Don’t Play Head Games

Most older men have been there, done that and have gotten the T-shirt. They have been with game players, played games themselves and wrote the book on it. They may have even gone through a nasty divorce. Do not try and get an older man to become more interested in you by making him jealous. This usually turns older men off about younger women. In fact, this is one of the number one reasons that older men have said they love younger women but not for a long term relationship. An older man is looking for a beautiful and vibrant woman who is confident, strong and knows who she is. She does not have to play games with people to get what she wants.

Do Not Act Like a Gold Digger

If you want to really attract an older man, even if you truly are looking for one to take care of you, you better not let him know it. Avoid asking him anything at all about his income, the kind of car he drives, the neighborhood he lives in or anything else of that nature. Keep the conversation mutual and focus only on things you may have in common. Never let him think you are a gold digger because there is not a lot of dignity in that and most older men will not take you seriously. Sure, he may play for a little while but he probably isn’t going to marry you and leave you all of his money if he thinks you are just out for what he has. That happens in the movies but in real life, not so much.

Do Not Give the Impression That You Are Clingy

Older men in general do not want to be with a younger, immature and insecure woman. They may love the way you look but if you begin calling him all the time and not allowing him some time to call on you then he may get the idea you are going to be drama. In fact, this rule applies for most men. They rarely enjoy a clingy woman because it makes you look as though you have low self esteem and this is not an attractive quality. Some older men are just looking for some companionship and not a long term relationship so you will have to decide whether you will settle for that or if you are looking for more. If you meet a great older man that does not share your feelings about being together in an exclusive relationship then you may as well move on or accept him for who he is.

If you truly like someone and he likes you then age should not be a factor, this much is true. However, in some cases, when the generation gap is too big, you may learn that you really do not have anything in common. On the other hand some relationships which include couples who are 20+ years different in age work out just fine. It is going to depend on the chemistry and how well the two of you relate to each other. The best way to attract an older man is to be attractive in body, mind and spirit and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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