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Exercise is one of the imperative factors that you will need to experience after the birth of your new baby. This is not just for physical appearance purposes. This is for mental stimulation and the release of positive hormones. As you exercise you are able to counter produce the hormones that can help offset any post partum depression hormones that you might feel lingering in your mind. It will not help with severe cases, but it will help with mild cases.

Exercise is also a great way to bond with your new baby. Obviously since the baby has many needs and you are only person you may end up having to get creative in order to provide stimulation, hormonal release, and the bonding elements all in once so that you can still have the necessary time you need throughout the day.

Organizing Your Exercise

Start by getting organized. This includes making sure that your baby is nursed prior to doing any kind of exercise. The discomfort from full breasts can make exercising one of the more uncomfortable aspects of your new post partum body.

You will also want to be sure that you are hydrated and that you have ample fluids with you. When you’ve recently become a new mom you have to make sure you take the same care of your body that you did while you were pregnant in order to be a healthy and well balanced mother. This can be a challenge but with a little organization it can certainly be done.

Be gentle on yourself and your new baby. You might not be feeling like you can run a marathon any time soon and your baby may cry at the most inopportune time during your exercise program. If this happens, call it a day if you can’t quickly calm the baby and get back to your routine.

Make sure you stretch, even for mild exercise. Your body is still going through changes and you want to avoid the potential for pulled muscles and aches and pains later.

Overcoming Your Objections

While exercise might be logically important to you it is possible that you are just finding one reason or another not to put in the effort. You’re tired. You are adjusting to a new lifestyle, and you are learning all about becoming a mom on the job which is most definitely a new role.

When you are feeling like you just can’t really get moving, remind yourself that the transition will be easier into motherhood if you learn now how to fit in the process of taking care of yourself. Not only will your hormones level out faster but you’ll be benefiting your bone strength which was affected during your pregnancy. Your muscles, your heart, and your overall health and energy will be greater if you put aside your mixed feelings and get out and do something.


Walking is definitely one of the favorite exercises of new moms. With appropriate weather you and the baby can stroll together. If you have a dog, you can load the baby in a front carrying pack and get the dog some much needed exercise and time with you. Walking is a great way to bond, especially with a front carrying pack because you’re still in close contact.

Walking is often the exercise of choice because it is low impact, allows you to be with your baby, and is often the easiest way to break out the new exercise routine. It’s simple and can even be done with friends. By now you may be missing your friends and you might want some time with them that stimulates adult conversation. This is the most recommended method of getting some exercise for new moms because it combines all of the aspects you need into one single activity.

Stretching and Playing

Simple stretching and playing on the floor is good for both of you. Never take your baby into a position that is unnatural, but the two of you can lie on the floor together and get some interaction in while you work on a few muscles. Based on the idea that isolation exercise is highly effective you can isolate, stretch, and tighten and relax one muscle while your baby tries to find his new hands and feet.

This is a simple way to include time with your baby while working each muscle that you need to in a short and condensed method.

Yoga and Pilates With Baby

There are some great DVD and instant streaming videos that can help you perform a mild and short program based on Yoga or Pilates while still interacting with your baby. These videos are especially designed for new moms who are looking for a way to get back into shape while maintaining interaction time with the baby.

There are more of these videos being released almost daily. You have to keep looking for new ones to keep the ideas sound and alleviate the potential for boredom. If you can look at the new and fun videos as an opportunity to enjoy exercise with your new baby, you’ll be looking for more as your child grows.

Kegel Exercises

While Kegel exercises are recommended for pre delivery practice very few women realize their importance when you’re home with your new bundle. You can do these at any time and they help to strengthen the muscles that were recently stretched. These exercises can not only make a second pregnancy easier but they can also help prevent the onset of post partum incontinence.

When you do Kegel exercises you are able to do just about anything else at the same time. Learning how to fit these into your day is really a simple matter of remembering to do them. Usually, if you do them every time you sit down to nurse or provide a bottle to your baby you will have your muscles responding in no time. This will also help cut down on the duration that you experience any post partum pain.

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