How to Tease a Guy

While most women do not need any help in this area, there are some women who are better at the art of teasing than others. These women know just what to do to have a guy eating out of their hands in no time. Shy girls tend to have the most trouble when it comes to teasing guys as much of the time they are even afraid to speak to them let alone tease them. These girls need a bit more help in coming up with effective teasing tactics that they can incorporate into their personality without appearing to be fake. If you are looking for a way to tease a guy and have not been successful so far then perhaps some of the following information can help you.

What Is Your Motive?

The first thing you need to decide on before you begin teasing a guy is why you are doing it. If you are teasing the guy to get him to notice you then you will want to turn up the heat a bit. If you are just teasing a guy to have a good time and maybe even get a nice laugh out of the deal then your teasing should be much milder and light hearted. Remember that not all guys respond to the same kind of teasing so learning what makes the object of your teasing tick before you try anything that may not work. Teasing men is a form of art and is something that women perfect over time.

Study Him

Before you start actively engaging in any sort of teasing, make sure that you study your prey first. Get to know what makes him tick. If he is a shy guy then you will want to approach him much more gently than if he is a lady’s man or a player. If you come to an understanding of the kind of guy you are dealing with then you can create a customized tactic just for him. Some guys do not respond well to teasing if it is the type of teasing that could embarrass him or humiliate him in front of other people. Other guys could care less and walk around with a bring it on attitude. Either way you need to know a little bit about the guy before you begin teasing him.

Make Him Feel Good About Himself

Guys are very proud creatures by nature. They love having beautiful and confident women compliment them and hang on their every word. This is a great way of stroking a guy’s ego and making him feel like he is important. Once you are able to determine what it is that he likes to do or what he is interested in then you can begin using those things to throw little praises and compliments in. For example, if he is an athlete and plays baseball then you can tell him how great he is. If he dresses stylishly you can pick those things out to compliment him on.

Be Unpredictable

You will want to find a number of different teasing tactics and use them spontaneously. Never let the guy know what your next move is going to be and always keep him guessing. Predictability is boring to most people so stay on top of your game and find new and exciting ways to tease him each time you see him. One day you may use a series of strong and intense stares and the next you may all but ignore him for half of the day and then wink at him at the end of the day. If he finds out that he never knows who to expect when he sees you this will turn him on even more.

Always Appear Self Confident

Guys love girls who walk around with their head held high. Self confidence is very sexy to most men as a girl walking around with a chip on her shoulder, thinking that she s not good enough. In addition, when teasing a guy you want to come across as a girl who can live with him or without him. You do not want to appear needy or clingy. You want him to believe that you are just out for a good time, even if what you are looking for is much more meaningful. Otherwise, what you are doing will not be teasing but baiting. Even if your goal is to bait the guy into your life, you still want to appear as though you can take him or leave him. This will make him want to have you even more.

Use Body Language

One great method of teasing a guy is to put yourself in situations that allow you to gently brush up against him in a subtly sexy way. This is a tactic that should only be used on guys when the goal is actually getting somewhere with him. You do not want to use this method of teasing on a guy you are just playing with. Touch-teasing is considered very heavy teasing and should only be used in hunting/prey situations. Another way you can use body language is in the way you carry yourself around him and in the way you look at him. Make a lot of eye contact with him and use your body in ways that make you appear more sensual.

The truth of the matter is that all relationships start out with some sort of teasing. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to come up with the most effective ways to tease guys. You do however have to learn each guy before you try using a tactic that will not work. Once you have mastered the art of teasing then you will have the guy right where you waqnt him. It is then up to you what you choose to do with him.


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