How to Look Beautiful in Pictures

Taking Pictures

Pictures are a great way to create and keep a memory of many events that happen in our lives. Generally, most pictures have a way of sticking around forever even those that do not show a very flattering picture of you. Perhaps you are the type of person who does not like to have their picture taken and when you look back through the course of time you are missing from most of the pictures. This does not have to be the way it is because there are many tips that can help anyone look more beautiful in pictures. You just have to know what these tricks are and how to use them to help you create the best pictures.

Check the Mirror

The most important step in getting a great picture is to always check the mirror before having a picture taken. This can eliminate any stray hairs or any marking found on your face. Since it is hard to tell all of the times that you may be asked to have your picture taken, it is a good idea to have a small mirror handy like in your purse or wallet that you will easily be able to grab and check yourself if the need arises. Having a small comb or brush available to fix your hair would also be another great tool. This will enable you to be ready at all times and always have a great picture taken.

Keep Good Posture

We do not always think about it but having a good posture is equally important. You need to keep your back straight and your head up. This will help you appear thinner and not sluggish. Be sure to raise your chin up because this will help keep you from looking like you have a double chin. Although good posture is very important, take note that you do not leave your shoulders looking stiff but try to keep them relaxed. If your shoulder looks tense the picture will not seem natural and you will look very uncomfortable. So shoulders back and head up is always a good rule to remember as the picture is being taken.

Stand Right

Beauty queens have learned a little trick that helps them look thinner and taller at the same time – when standing put one leg slightly behind the other. You will need to put the majority of your weight on your back foot and keep your front knee slightly bent. This will make you look better and is a rather easy step to do but will only work when you are standing for a picture. Not only can you use this technique for pictures but it will work any time you need to stand in front of a group of people. You may want to practice this technique a little before the pictures so that you look more natural. Before you know it, this stance will seem like second nature to you.


Your smile is one of the most important parts of a picture and can cause a lot of people stress. Forming a smile that is all your own can be easily done by just practicing in the mirror. Maybe you already like your smile in many pictures that you take and if that is the case you can just keep practicing that type of smile. If however you are like most of us and hate your smile on pictures then you need to teach yourself a new one. Stand in front of the mirror and try different smiles until you find one that suits you. Whether to show teeth or not, how wide to smile or if even to smile at all are all options for you to choose from.

Once you have picked out your look you need to keep standing in front of the mirror and practice your new found look. You should keep practicing until your smile becomes second nature to you and you will be able to perform it without looking in the mirror. This will take some of the awkwardness out of your pictures and will leave you more relaxed at picture time because you will not have to worry about what your smile looks like.

Watch Camera Location

How you position yourself in front of the camera can play a very important role in what your picture will look like. You will not want to face the camera head on because this will actually have you looking heavier in the picture. You will want to stand or sit at about a forty-five degree angle from the camera. If you have ever gone to a professional photographer, you will see that they will place you at this angle because they already know the flattering look that this will give you.

You will also want to try to place yourself just below the lens of the camera. If at all possible the camera should be placed just above eye level. If you are not having the picture done professionally this may be difficult to have done because most people do not understand this technique. You can try sitting on a stool or asking the photographer to raise the camera lens slightly.

Use the Light Source

You should always be aware of where the light source is when taking a picture and learn to use it to your advantage. You will want to place yourself so that you are facing the sunlight, which is the opposite of how many people take pictures. Professional photographers will do this by placing lights behind the area where you are to have your pictures done and they call this short lighting. By doing this it will create a shadowing over you that will work as an optical illusion to make you look and appear to be thinner. If you are having an inside picture taken this may not be possible to be done because the flash on the camera may be the only light source available. In these cases, you will just have to use the other techniques instead.

Be Confident

Confidence is one of those funny things that can be seen or not seen, even in a picture. If you are not sure of yourself when the picture is being taken, your lack of confidence will show through on the picture. If you have used all of the techniques above and have practiced until you are sure you have your stand and smile right, there is no reason that you should not be confident when you have your picture taken.

Try to relax and just enjoy that occasion that you are having and have fun. If you have taken bad pictures in the past, you are probably going to be anxious but try to calm down. After all it is just a picture and pictures can be taken over if they do not come out right the first time. The more relaxed and confident you can be the better picture you will show.


This tips when used together can help you look beautiful for every picture you take. Remember that pictures are designed more for the memories that they are capturing than for what you specifically look like that day. Just have fun and plan ahead and every picture you take will have you looking your best.

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