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Fountain of Youth

Have a group of Tibetan monks been able to discover the secrets to the fountain of youth and can their system help take years off and help you both look and feel younger? Well, Peter Kelder believes they have and he was provided with the knowledge of this special technique. He has shared this information with the world in his book entitled The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. Now everyone who chooses to can come to understand how these five Tibetan Rites work and use them in their own life.

This technique is said to closely resemble a form of Tibetan Yoga because they both place a strong emphasis on the sequence of motion. Kelder claims that a specific group of Tibetan monks have used these Five Tibetan Rites and that the process dates back some two thousand years. Some Tibetan scholars refuse to acknowledge that this system is authentic and believe that Kelder has made it up. Where the process came from is not nearly as important as important as if it works and many people trying the Five Tibetan Rites say that they are feeling younger.

The Seven Chakras

The Five Tibetan Rites were created around the concept of the body works around seven spinning psychic vortexes and these vortexes work to keep us healthy. As we get older this spinning diminishes and our body does not work as properly, this leads to old age and illness. The belief is that by performing these five exercises of Tibetan Rites you will be able to establish this spinning to a normal level which will bring your body back into balance. The results will be to make you feel and look younger and to keep your body healthy and free of illness.

The seven psychic vortexes or chakras as they are commonly referred to are located throughout the body. Two of them are located at different locations in the brain region of the body. One is found in the throat area and one in the liver. One is also found in the reproductive organs of the body differing depending on if you are a man or woman. The remaining vortexes are found in each of the knees. These rites of exercises were created to promote a complete and healthy balance between the seven different points of the body.

How the Process Works

This plan was developed to compile 21 different movements or exercises into five complete and easy to do rites. The 21 different movements could have had you needing between one and two hours to complete the entire set. By condensing it into only five rites, the monks were easily able to perform these exercises in about twenty minutes. This concept is ideal for our hectic world today where we find ourselves so busy that it is hard to find time to squeeze another thing in. The fact that these Five Tibetan Rites can be completed in such a short timeframe and can be performed anywhere make this technique an option for everyone, even those of us who are very busy.

The best way to perform these exercises is to set aside a specific time frame every day that you can plan to perform these exercises. It is suggested that you perform them up to three times a day to receive the optimum benefits but you should strive to at least perform one complete set every day. The suggested number of repetitions to each exercise is twenty-one. You may not be able to perform twenty-one reps when you first begin and that is not only ok but expected. Start with doing three reps when you do every set and increase by threes every couple of days until you reach the twenty-one reps. This is not your typical exercise program where the harder you work the more benefit but it is more about finding completeness in your body and recreating your spinning cycle.

The Five Tibetan Rites

There are Five Tibetan Rites that are used together to create an exercise routine designed to promote better health. Below is a brief description of how each of the five rites is performed.

• Rite One: This is a spinning exercise, where you have you arm out horizontally and spin left to right basically until you get dizzy or twenty-one times. This causes the vortexes to begin to speed up.

• Rite Two: This is similar to regular leg raises but with a specific method and breathing technique being used. This is done to help stimulate the trunk area of the body.

• Rite Three: Is commonly called the camel and is a back bend where you stand on your knees and bend the head backwards. This is done to help pull energy through the umbilical part of your body where is it believed life begins.

• Rite Four: This exercise is performed by having you sit on your buttocks with your legs stretched out in front of you and then with your weight on the palm of your hand lift your buttocks upward. This is done to create a flow of energy from the groin area down through the legs.

• Rite Five: This exercise has you beginning in a push-up position but instead of going down like you would with a push-up, you need to push your backside up into the air forming an upside u-shape and then bring the body down and pushing your head out. This creates sort of a swinging motion and is done to help speed up the chakra vortexes.

Benefits Received

There are many of benefits that people who have used the Five Tibetan Rites technique claim to receive and all of them lean toward making them feel younger and healthier. Many say that they not only feel younger but they have begun to look younger. Their skin looks and feels healthier and their hair also is known to become fuller and thicker. They also claim to have more energy, many saying they have not felt so good in many years.

Many also claim to have release from pain that they have been experiencing for years. Some who have tried many remedies to curb the pain from arthritis say that by using this technique their pain has diminished. Joint and muscle pain has also been noted by many to have decreased substantially or been eliminated. Most of these people have tried too many different methods like medicine, surgery or other exercise routines with no success and had almost given up. But they have claimed to find relief from the pain after using the Five Tibetan Rites.

Other state that these rites have given them a clearer mind and better mental health. It has left them feeling fresh and rejuvenated and has given them overall better health. People’s vision and hearing has been known to improve and memory has increased. The benefits that people have received from this old Tibetan technique have been really astounding. Many people say that do not know where they would be today if it were not for the benefits of the Five Tibetan Rites. This certainly is extremely inexpensive and only takes a small fraction of the day to perform that anyone regardless of age or gender can perform and see significant benefits.

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