How to Remove Skin Tags at Home

Skin tags may not be uncomfortable or present any medical problems but they can be unsightly and no one wants to have to put up with them if they can be removed. Doctors will always remove them but it is an inconvenience having to visit them when you know they will have more serious issues to deal with so it is easier to find a way to remove them at home. Many people think that once they appear they will be stuck with them for life. As many of them are in areas that most people we meet will not be able to see it is hard to realize just how many people are prone to getting these.

Make Sure it Is a Skin Tag

The most important thing in this instance is too make sure that it is a tag you are removing and not something that needs to be treated. A skin tag will rarely grow to more than about half an inch so if your skin is larger than this it will be best to have it checked out. They also grow quite slowly so if one suddenly appears there is the possibility that it is not a tag. To be sure that it is check that it is the right size and the same color as your skin. It should just be skin and if there is any suggestion that there might be an infection or blood in it, do not do this at home.

If it as a small stalk you will know that it is more than likely a skin tag and as such can be removed at home. The simplest way to do it is to attach a small piece of cotton or dental floss to the base and tie it. Once it is secure take a small sharp pair of scissors and cut the tag above the thread. This should limit the amount of blood that is lost but will not stop it altogether. You should make sure that the area is well cleaned and use antiseptic cream until the area is healed. At the first sign of infection make an appointment to see the doctor.

Before starting it is important to make sure that both the site and scissors have been sterilized. It may only be a small wound that is left, but if any dirt at all gets into it, it can become infected. If you are worried about the amount of pain you should not be too concerned as most people who do this say that all they feel is a small stinging sensation when it first is cut. Depending on where it is it may rub on clothes for a day or so afterwards otherwise there should be no initial or lasting pain.

Cutting the Tag

Check the size of the stalk and if it is very thick it may be best to reconsider and make an appointment with a doctor and let them decide the best thing to do. If it seems to be quite a slender stalk, cut away. By placing a piece of ice on the site for a minute or two before you start to cut, it will not only numb the area and prevent the pain you may be worried about, but could also help reduce the flow of blood afterwards.

Make sure that the scissors you use are sharp, as although it is only a small amount of skin being removed you want it to be a clean cut and not have to spend ages hacking away at it. If it appears that the site is not going to stop bleeding it is best to seek medical help. It may be that you have cut too deeply or in worst cases it may not have just been a skin tag that you removed. Once you have removed it another one should not come up in the same place. There may be a lot in the same sort of area but if they come up in exactly the same place again you should visit a doctor.

This may seem a drastic way to deal with them and may be a problem for people who do not like the sight of blood or do not have the confidence to cut them. However there is the alternative of a substance that can be put on. This will take much longer but there will be no fears about cutting too deeply or getting an infection. To do this mix baking soda and castor oil to a paste and place the paste on the affected area three times a day. The tag should dry up and disappear with a couple of weeks.

Other Remedies

Although tags are not the same as warts, they will sometimes disappear if treated in the same way. Wart treatment is easily available and not very expensive. It will also be a much less messy way to treat them than the soda and oil. Stores now sell over the counter products that claim to work well and remove tags, but none of them will be as effective or lasting as cutting them off.

There are some people who will either try to tear of the tags without using any scissors or twist it around in the hope that it will come off on its own but that is not an ideal way to do it. Some also tie the thread around the stalk and leave it with the intention of letting it dry up and drop off. This can not only be uncomfortable but may not work and you could have gone through a lot of inconvenience and discomfort for nothing.

DermaTrend is a product that only takes three days to remove the tag and while this is not a long period of time, there are much quicker ways. It is not only going to take longer than cutting but will also be expensive. If you only have one or two tags the product will not get much use and if you find that they are appearing on a regular basis you will need to keep buying more.

Cider vinegar has also been tried and that can take up to three weeks to work. This may not be expensive but again it is a long time to wait for the tag to fall off, plus there is the fact that you will spend that time smelling of vinegar. Nail varnish is another suggested remover, but again this takes three weeks. The thought behind this is that the skin will dry out and eventually fall off. This will obviously be a safe method as nail varnish must touch skin on many occasions but if the tag is visible it will not look too good having a clear shiny tag for the duration of the treatment.

However you decide to do this you will be glad to see the back of the tags. As there is no reason why they suddenly appear it is hard to plan to do anything to stop them. It may be difficult to cut the tag the first time but once you have done it successfully on the first occasion that they appear then all future attempts will be much less daunting.

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  1. Had a few of these and had been bugging me for ages so read up on removing these things and so glad I did.

    Don't be worried about the pain its nothing just do it and remove them.

    Well worth it trust me.

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