How Busy Urban Dwellers Can Have a Healthy Life?


You can experience a few positive effects on your health by adopting some simple changes. These are some health tips that can improve your life despite your busy life. But whatever you do, make sure you have enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need. A body without these essential items essentially experiences starvation, won’t have the opportunity to thrive.

1. Microwave foods in glass. Pop your frozen foods in a glass container when using a microwave. Thin plastic containers used for frozen foods may already be deteriorating, which can be risky when subjected to high temperature. The plastic degradation by heat and extreme cold is associated with cancer. If you have any food you want to heat, don’t use plastic containers. The advice also applies to plastic water bottles. Never freeze them!

2. Avoid aspartame and any sugar substitute. Aspartame or NutraSweet is considered “safe” after a series of political manipulation. Although the government considers it safe for more than two decades, aspartame has quietly been placed on the “probably not safe” category after a few lawsuits were filed against manufacturers of products such as vitamins, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Wrigley gum and Danone yogurt. The long-term studies show some direct links between its usage and lung cancer in women, the major consumers of sugar substitutes.

You may think that latest sugar substitutes are better? Splenda or also known sucralose, is actually chlorine plus sugar molecules. And chlorine is an important ingredient of bleach and a major cause of breast cancer.

What is more interesting, these sugar substitutes won’t help in a weight-loss program. It may significantly affect a person’s perception to sweetness and it may change their level of satisfaction. The same study shows an increase in the use of sugar for people who regularly consume sugar substitutes and weight loss can be achieved more easily when sugar substitutes are removed from daily diet.

3. Ditch soft drinks. They contain a good deal of high fructose corn syrup (a major cause of diabetes) or artificial sweeteners (which are associated with higher incidences of cancer). Why gamble with these empty calorie drinks? Soda actually dehydrates our body, if you really need some water, it is the last thing you should drink. Why put murky water loaded with chemicals into your body?

4. Eat at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. An effective way to prevent the appearance of cancerous cells is to regularly eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, 5-6 servings should be enough.

5. Avoid putting too much white foods in your diet. White foods are usually low in nutrition: white flour, potatoes and white sugar. Biscuits, pastries, bagels and muffins are empty calories foods and offer few nutrition for your diet compared to colorful fruits. If you eat bread, make sure it is whole grain bread.

6. Beware of fat. High fats intake prevents weight loss. Healthy fats such as sunflower oil, olive oil and omega-3-rich fish oils such as tuna and salmon, can give your body a huge boost. Try to avoid solid fats like shortening, lard and butter. Another way to avoid bad fat is to never eat in fast-food restaurant.

7. Exercise every day. Even if today is not a good day to exercise, try to move vigorously for about 10 minutes every day. Our bodies are designed to move every day and perform a wide range of motions. Joints and muscles will begin to show signs of atrophy if we fail to incorporate physical activity in our life. Even the busiest executive may easily find 10 minutes of light exercise by slightly restructuring his daily plan, for example using stairs instead of elevators. You can also try another alternative way, for example dancing to an entertaining music before starting your day. The idea is to start exercising, no matter how limited (you think) your time is.

8. Look for sun. Yes, excessive skin exposure can cause skin lesions, but people need vitamin D from the sun. If you spend too much time working indoor, it is a good idea to take a walk in the nearest park to eat your lunch and get some sun.

9. Avoid toxic individuals. Negativity creates more negativity. Human body can hear even the quietest thought, whether you pick it up from colleagues, friends or family members. Your task is to establish the most positive setting to keep you, your fitness/health and the whole world, better, in general. If you listen regularly to the negativity, envy, and discontent every day, not surprisingly, you’ll have less motivation to seek a healthier life.

10. Address your addictions. Do you feel obligated to eat, drink or exceed some limits. If you think you can’t stop certain practices that are harmful to your health and well-being then you’re being addicted to something. Addictions are not always all about fast food, drugs, and alcohol, it includes procrastination, television, sedentary lifestyle, video games, everything that you do excessively and can affect your health negatively.

11. Pop a multivitamin. A multivitamin cannot compensate for poor diet, but can help giving you some of the essential nutrients you need. It is recommended to get good quality multivitamin from a reputable broker. Low quality vitamins may contain too many ingredients. Examples of good brands are Usana, Nature’s Sunshine and Shakle. In addition, women over 40 need extra calcium as well.

12. Get enough sleep. First you must determine the amount of daily sleep you need, probably between 8 and 10 hours each night for adults. Only half of Americans sleep adequately every night. Sleep deprivation is a major component of overeating. If you’re not rested, you will tend to eat more in an attempt to compensate your fatigue. The truth is that no amount of caffeine can compensate for the lack of sleep.

13. Feed your soul in a fun and positive way. What can calm your mind and make your days feel more enjoyable? It could be a warm bath, a meaningful conversation, a book, a cup of tea, quiet time in beautiful places, a quality nap, or playing with children. The key is to discover what nourishes your soul and what makes you happier in life.

It can be overwhelming to do all these changes in life at once. Making a single change one step in a time is advisable, as you can better concentrate on your efforts.

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