How to Make a Lovely Headband

Flirty and feminine, headbands are coming back in style this season. Aside from their obvious functionality, these accessories make a perfect choice in order to add visual interest to your appearance. There are lots of patterns and colors to choose from, but if you want a specific model, you should try designing and making your own headband as the creative process is fairly easy, but with delightful results.

There are many ways you can create a fashionable headband. You can start making your own headband from scratch, or you can take a pre-made headband and embellish it with ribbon and various decorative items.

Creating a Headband From Scratch

The materials needed for making a headband include at least 16 inches of ribbon, 4-5 inches of wide sewing elastic, measuring tape, scissors, needle and thread and anti-fray solution.

• To determine the adequate length of the ribbon, begin by measuring your head in the area where the headband will be placed. After obtaining this measurement, cut the ribbon a couple of inches less.

• To avoid fraying, apply some anti-fray solution onto the ends of the ribbon. This item can be easily acquired at a craft store or at a sewing store in the area selling glue products.

• To make your headband stretch, you will need to start sewing one end of the ribbon to an end of the wide elastic. Do the same for the other side of the ribbon.

Decorating Your Headband

Whether you choose to make a simple headband following the above guide, or you prefer buying a plain, inexpensive headband, you’ve got to embellish it to obtain a charming hair accessory. There are a number of ways you can beautify your headband. A great choice would be to add flowers towards the side of the headband. You can find textile flowers on websites promoting the handmade arts, or you can acquire these from your local craft stores. Select a flower or several flowers and glue them to your headband with special fabric glue. You can pick two flowers of contrasting colors and place one on top of the other for a charming effect. Next, you can also use faux jewels to glue them in the center of the flower to add some glamour to your headband.

If you’re not keen on the floral trend, you may very well attach a bow to your headband. This will give it a soft, retro look that assorts just perfectly with feminine outfits. Another visually-interesting way of embellishing your headband would be to create a shiny mosaic of colorful jewels. This type of headband is perfect for accessorizing evening attire.

Choose lots of faux jewels in various shapes and colors and glue them in an unstructured pattern all over the headband. If you’d prefer to limit the amount of jewels attached, just select a few and glue them towards the side of the headband. This way you’ll have a glamorous, eye-catching piece that is also easy to assort!

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