How to Make a Reversible Women's Hobo Bag

Hobo Bags

Some of the easiest-to-make bags for women are the slouchy, hobo bags. Hobo bags represent some of the hottest trends in bags this season as 70’s inspired fashion items are completely a must. Hobo bags are originally heavily printed and lovely colored, thus acquiring this kind of a bag will enable you to follow several trends. They are suitable for casual attires, but the outfits they pair the best with are those charged with a bohemian vibe.

Hobo bags work pretty well in a combination of tees and jeans or leggings, however there are also the flowy maxi dresses and the floor-length skirts that look gorgeous when accessorized with hobo bags. Some hobo bags are inexpensive however, most of the bags displaying a heavy pattern, often hippie-inspired, may have larger costs, so why not create a fabulous hobo bag all by yourself? If you like the thought of being your own designer, also consider making the bag reversible. This is an excellent idea that will get you two different bags, so that you’ll be able to assort it and change your outfit without giving up the bag.

Getting Started

Firstly, you will need a regular pencil and a marking pencil to be able to draw patterns on paper, respectively on fabric. Next, make sure you have a working sewing machine, or at least someone to lend you one so that you don’t have to do all the sewing by hand. Also, have a pair of sharp scissors available and some pins, and choose two types of fabric for your reversible hobo bag. To make things interesting, select very different fabrics to enhance the contrast between the two sides of the final bag.

Making Your Own Reversible Hobo Bag

• Draw the shape of the bag, and make sure you draw the beginning of the straps as they continue the lining of the bag. Don’t draw the straps completely, as you need to draw them separately to be able to follow their contour precisely.

• Cut the shape of the hobo bag and pin it down to the fabric to be able to draw the pattern onto the fabric. Trace the same pattern twice: one for the front side of the bag, and one for the back.

• Draw the pattern of the straps, cut them, pin them down to the fabric and trace the pattern. Be mindful about the length of the straps so that you won’t regret later in case the straps of your bag don’t have an adequate length. When you make the contour of the straps, draw them a bit narrower somewhere towards the end; this will help you tie the straps stronger and easier.

• Cut all the patterns off the fabric and pay attention to how you follow the traced lines.

• Pin up all sides of the bag, including the straps, and connect them with the bag.

• Afterwards, sew up all the sides of the hobo bag, except the opening of the bag. You can add a zipper later if you’d rather not have the bag opened.

• Repeat the same procedures for the bag made of the second fabric.

• After you’re done with both bags, put the inside out bag into the other one and sew them together. Done!

Subsequently, you can add a few embellishments by gluing or sewing them on the bag. A delicate bow or a funky outside pocket will spice up the look of your hobo bag as long as it’s not heavily patterned.

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