Does Dermisil Work?

With the range of skin conditions that people are fighting through these days it is easy to understand why there are so many products for clearing up the skin. Cosmetic industries and culture at large have helped keep our expectations high of each other’s personal hygiene. Clear skin is as much a necessary aspect of cleanliness as is wearing deodorant. Luckily for those that suffer from oily skin and who break out regularly, among the products available, there are some that work. Dermisil is a full suite of skin products for virtually any kind of skin condition from which you could be suffering. It is a natural, over the counter prescription that is readily available online and in pharmacies across the world.

As with any medication, the effectiveness of the treatment is really about the effectiveness of the application and adherence to the instructions. Whether Dermisil for Acne or ProActive, if you don’t follow the instructions to the ‘T’, you’re not only going to throw off the treatment, you’re going to possibly agitate your skin even worse – consider the instruction of any over the counter remedy to be doctors’ orders. This will help you get the most out of Dermisil or any other product that you’re using for your skin conditions. Dermisil has been clearly proven to work in treating a variety of skin conditions but individual performance does vary. If you follow the instructions and see on results over the duration of your self-treatment, consult a physician and notify them that you used Dermisil but it was to no avail. This will help them identify other treatments that could work for you.

One of the best things about Dermisil is that it is an all-natural treatment. Granted, it is a very strong treatment and that often surprises people but, nonetheless, it isn’t synthetically derived. By using Dermisil first before a prescribed, synthetic skin medication you will be exhausting options that may be less expensive and less detrimental to your body over the long term. Always check with a physician before beginning a Dermisil treatment as you may be allergic to a compound in the Dermisil treatment. While allergies of this type are rare, it is always best to get proper medical advice prior to jumping into a new skin treatment, especially if you’re currently on a treatment. Interactions between medicines have been known to cause illnesses and death. That being said, the following is a list of skin conditions that Dermisil works wonders in treating.

What Can Dermisil Be Used For

  • Dermisil for pores and skin tags
  • Dermisil for genital warts
  • Dermisil for impetigo
  • Dermisil for scabies
  • Dermisil for ringworms
  • Dermisil for eczema
  • Dermisil for scars
  • Dermisil for stretch marks
  • Dermisil for cold sores
  • Dermisil for jock itch
  • Dermisil for shingles

As Dermisil continues growing in popularity and usage, future brands may emerge as well. This list is accurate as of March 6th, 2011. Depending on the length of treatment and the severity of the condition, price and specifications on use may vary. As an example, ‘Dermisil for Genital Warts’ was selected to provide a better idea on features of the product line in general. Of course be sure to check online and at the pharmacy before assuming that the price data will be the same between all products in the line, but hopefully this example will represent a good ‘average’ for price range and what’s included in the package.

Specs on Dermisil

Means of Application: Oral and topical

Cost: Approx. $109.95

Dermisil Package: Capsules and topical solution

Kind: Over the counter home remedy

Instructions: See medication box

Refund: Usually a 60 day full money-back guarantee

Another factor that will cause differences in price or warrantee is the store from which you buy the product. Stores are allowed to increase product price and also decline to honor warranties. Ask the store manager for more details.

Finally, a sneak peek at how Dermisil works is in store. This isn’t an expose’ with lots of chemistry formulae; this is simply a look at how easy Dermisil is to apply as well as some notes on how people who’ve used it have reported back about their experience. If you need more details about whether Dermisil is right for you or information regarding whether Dermisil will interact with any of your current medications, speak with your physician. Pregnant women can take Dermisil and unlike some skin treatments including laser therapy, scarring is an entirely impossible side effect of Dermisil.

How Does It Work?

Dermisil is a pair of medications – a topical ointment of very strong potency that goes after the virus that causes the skin conditions. The second part is a pill that boosts anti-inflammatory and anti-infection abilities. This pill is necessary because the ointment is very strong and can cause a rash or skin sensitivity when applied without first boosting the immune system. In over 40 percent of Dermisil users, a burning sensation has been documented because of the ointment strength. Provided the instructions are followed though, the pill will work effectively to combat any side effects from the ointment. While Dermisil is a proven treatment for a variety of skin conditions, in 22 percent of the cases recorded using Dermisil to treat genital warts during a study, recurrence of the warts persisted.

Treatment should be applied RELIGIOUSLY every day for four months (time frame for most of the Dermisil products to have taken full effect) regardless of whether the skin conditions go away sooner. This will ensure that the virus, bacteria or other factor that is causing the warts or skin condition has been properly dealt with by the medicated ointment. Dermisil is all natural and uses plant extracts and a sulfur base. When the treatment is over if you’ve attained the desired effect and your skin condition is gone, give two to four weeks of observation before getting too excited. If recurrence of the condition presents itself, head to your doctor and he’ll be able to further help you.


  1. Is there also a shampoo that can be used? Is it still under the same name? My friend has psoriasis and the cream helps her tremendously. I also have it on my scalp and need something for it. Please reply and thanks for your time.

  2. Dermasil works great. Thank you.

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