Natural Relief for Red Eyes

There are few things that give away tiredness quite as much as red, bloodshot eyes. If we’ve had a hard, long day, or if we’ve been up all night working, then often the whites of our eyes will be replaced with a ‘bloodshot’ red that also feels sore or itchy. This can be caused by tiredness alone, by allergies, by infections of the membranes over the eyelid, by dryness, by trauma, or even by stress – and knowing what caused your red eyes can help you to combat the symptoms. Here we will look at some things you can try to get your eyes looking white and healthy again.

Have a Nape: If your red eyes are caused by being over tired then having a nap and some shut eye will help a lot. This will relax your eyes while at the same resting you and combating tiredness and stress.

Rest: Short of napping at least take your eyes away from the computer, the television or whatever else you are concentrating on. Just looking into middle distance for a bit can help to relax the eyes and also encourage blinking.

Use Eye Gels/Drops: An eye gel designed to relax and revitalise the eyes can help to alleviate pressure and cool the eyes can really help to reinvigorate you. Alternatively you can use eye drops to moisten your eyes if the problem is being caused by dryness.

Compress: Holding a cold compress to your eye – such as a cold flannel held under cold water – can help to cool your eyes and force them to relax. Alternatively if you suspect you have a bacterial infection, then a warm compress can help to combat this – as well as to help heal broken blood vessels and limit any swelling.

Move: If your red eyes may be being caused by pollen or cat dander, then move yourself away from the allergen by going indoors for a bit and turning on the air conditioning.

Stop Itching!: Often it is not actually anything in the air that is causing your red eyes, but the fact that you are itching and rubbing them to try and alleviate the discomfort – know that you won’t make it better, only worse.

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