The Law of Attraction for Relationships

The law of attraction is a basic rule that can be applied to many areas of our life and that has many repercussions on how we go about living and what we get from our daily struggles. Essentially the law of attraction is a set of ‘metaphysics’ philosophies that look at how ‘like attracts like’ and how more broadly, our thoughts, expectations and behaviours attract certain things that make up our lives. It is a code of living that says that if you act a certain way and you want certain things – then you should get certain things.

Of course it only makes sense that these laws of attraction should be applied to relationships. Relationships are after all based on attractions between two people, and there are definitely certain things we want and look for in relationships. So how does it all work? And how can you use the law of attraction in order to get what you want out of love as well as the rest of life?

How the Law of Attraction Works

First of all you need to understand how the law of attraction works. It all sounds like a very nice idea – that what you want tends to become a reality – but how can that genuinely be true? How can you be any more likely to get something your own way just as a result of wanting it that way?

Well there are actually many ways it works and it’s a very tried and tested way of making sure that things go your way. For instance let’s look at the kinds of gifts you receive for Christmas. Let’s say for a minute that you are very wealthy and you are the kind of person who ‘has everything’. Well for Christmas people are going to worry that you have high standards and as a result you are going to get only the very best Christmas presents – and much better than you would have done if you had a lot less money and far fewer items. It would make much more sense in a way to give the person who has less more as it would mean they appreciated the gift more – however the reality is that give more to those who already have more. That’s the law of attraction.

Likewise let’s say that you go to work tomorrow and you make much more effort to ensure that you are looking your best – that you have combed your hair or done something new with it, that you are wearing a more expensive suit than usual and that you have exfoliated that morning and taken care of your cuticles. People will notice and as a result they’ll treat you differently. This will make you more confident still and it will make you look like the mover and shaker of the office – thus it is you who will get the next promotion. This is called a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ – where by acting a certain away you have attracted certain things. They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and they say that the more money you are expected to take care of in your business the more money you should spend on your hair cut – these are all examples of the law of attraction – and much of it comes down to the nature of other people as well as to your own nature.

Self Doubt and the Law of Attraction

Of course all this also works the other way around, and if you have low expectations and don’t accrue good things in your life, then you will find yourself on a downward spiral. Let’s take a look at low self esteem for instance. If you have low self esteem then this will mean that you don’t dress as well because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Because you aren’t drawing attention to yourself this will mean that you aren’t noticed by people and you’re dating and your career take a plunge. At the same time because you have low self esteem you won’t apply to as high-paying jobs and you will be self defeating in your nature. You’ll attract other people with low self esteem and you’ll bring each other down. You’ll take fewer risks, and you’ll have less luck as a result.

So in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life, you need to be positive, outgoing, confident, assertive and to surround yourself with happy and successful people. Act like you’re already doing the things you want to do and like you’re already on top of the world and soon you will be.

The Law of Attraction in Relationships

This is all no different in relationships. You need to believe yourself and to be confident, and you need to act like someone deserving of a great relationship. If you have confidence and dress sexily then you’ll already be far more attractive and far more likely to attract a good looking partner – that means wearing your best clothes that show off your best features, it means being outgoing and talkative, and it means going up and talking to people (that’s what confident people too). If you have low self esteem and you dress in roll necks and are too shy to approach anyone, how can you expect to meet sexy partners? If you look your best then you will attract better looking people – and if you observe this in general then usually the law holds true. Like attracts like.

Meanwhile you need to make sure that you believe you are a worthwhile person who deserves to be treated well – often it is those who do not feel confident in themselves who end up in abusive relationships – because they attract those partners who are looking for someone they can control or take advantage of. If you treat yourself well, then your partner will respect you and will treat you well too – and if they don’t then you’ll have the confidence and the wherewithal to leave as soon as possible. If you are very low in self esteem then you might find yourself letting your partner take advantage of you because you worry you wouldn’t find anyone else if they left you.

At the same time how you treat your partner will affect how they treat you back. Act kindly and they’ll act kindly towards you – give them a massage and you’ll get one back. However if you are constantly critical then they’ll react by being critical back, or by completely retreating into themselves and you’ll end up growing distant. If you want someone to open up, then open up to them.

It Starts With You

In other words if you want to attract someone good looking then act like you’re a catch and they’ll believe it. Act like you should be dating someone good looking and be picky because you can be. Take time in your appearance and be proud of the way you look. Then once you’re in a relationship make sure that you act open, happy and kind, and you should be sure to get the same things back.

There are many reasons that you might not be achieving these things already and there are lots of personal issues that can stand in your way. However the basic lesson to take away from this is that you should make sure to deal with your own personal issues, and deal with yourself first before you start looking for relationships. This will have the best chance of ensuring you move into a good and healthy relationship and that you find love quickly.

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