How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Being in a relationship is tough work, especially if you’re the person who is in charge of understanding your other half and it’s up to you to make the relationship work. Usually, this task is entrusted to the girlfriend, the female counterpart, the yang. But what does it take to be a good girlfriend? And how will you know if your boyfriend is going too far and it’s already time to let go?

In this article, we will teach you how to be a good girlfriend without letting yourself be abused. Being a good girlfriend doesn’t mean that you are willing to sacrifice and experience pain even if you don’t deserve it. Being a good girlfriend is all about making your partner feel good, helping him grow, and serving as an inspiration in his life. However, take note that being in a relationship is also an experience where two people who have special feelings for each other learn to grow by themselves while growing with each other at the same time. There may be special cases where one has to take care of the other more. However, that doesn’t mean that the person caring for the other has to take all responsibility. Since this task is usually handed to girls, here is a step-by-step guide on how to keep it cool, stay beautiful, while being the best gal “pal” in the world.


A lot of relationships fail because of lack of communication and, unfortunately, this is often the fault of the girl. Girls tend to do all the talking in the relationship, keeping their guys on edge and sometimes even driving them up the wall. If you want to be a good girlfriend, you have to learn that there is such a thing such as “two-way communication”. If you have something to say, chances are, your partner has something to say to you too. Make it a point to express yourself THEN ask your partner for his opinion.

If your boyfriend has reached the point that he is thinking that explaining his side is useless (or he is a boyfriend who prefers keeping things to himself from the start), now is the best time to convince your boyfriend to be more open with you. If he’s finding it difficult to speak, coax him into it. If you receive complaints or hear anything that isn’t pleasant to your ear, don’t shut the door or even feel bad about it. Learn how to accept what your boyfriend has to say, good or bad, and make it a point to reach a mutual agreement before ending the discussion. This is the best way for you to address all the problems you have in your relationship. From there, everything will surely be smooth-sailing.

Learning to Trust

It is common knowledge that girls tend to be jealous when they see their man with female classmates, co-workers, or even friends. When you get jealous and you tell your partner about it, he may take it as a compliment and as an insult too. It’s a compliment because you are thinking that your man is hot and many girls may desire his affection, but it’s an insult because you are questioning your partner’s loyalty. Trust is an important thing in a relationship, and if you want to be a good girlfriend, you should be able to trust and be trustworthy at the same time.

If you feel jealous about someone, express this to your boyfriend calmly and explain why you are feeling like this. You don’t have any right to go berserk and tell your boyfriend that he’s outright cheating you. Sly tricks aren’t good to do either. Your boyfriend will hate it if he finds out that you distrust him enough to read messages in his cell phone and email. Harboring distrust damages a relationship like a crack on a delicate piece of glass. Show him that you distrust him and he will likely distrust you too. Hell, he might even go spying on you and accusing you of senseless things too!

Try to believe in your boyfriend’s loyalty and constantly remind him that you totally trust him. Make him feel good by saying that he is such a good boy and that you are lucky to have such a loyal man. Aside from boosting his ego, this also discourages him from even thinking about cheating on you.

If you have reason to suspect that your guy is cheating on you, don’t blurt it out because it would be simply more difficult to prove it. Don’t resort to reading his emails and messages. Instead, look out for changes in your relationship: if he is spending more time away from you and he doesn’t call you like he used to you, directly ask him what’s wrong. Don’t snoop for tangible (and readable!) evidence. Rely on changes in his behavior and interrogate him (mildly) from there.


Most guys are basically grown-up brat boys. They just can’t shake off the fact that their naughty schoolboy days are over. Thus, to be a good girlfriend, you have to have lots of patience for every small and big thing that they can do. Sure, it’s pretty hard to keep a cool head if your boyfriend arrives late on a much-anticipated date, forgets your anniversary, or even fails to pick up the dirty clothes off his floor! However, you can easily stay calm by reminding yourself that these are small, unimportant things and you can easily solve these problems yourself.

Now, if it’s your 800th time to tell your boyfriend that he really has to be on time for your next date and you are already fuming about it, ask your boyfriend to comfortably sit down on the couch and talk about it. Tell him how it’s too stressing for you and that such a small thing has grown big enough to interfere with your relationship. Your boyfriend may not appreciate being scolded at (like when he was a boy!) but he will surely take note of your complaints. What you have to do is to talk sincerely and sternly with him but NEVER mention it to him again. A serious talk with him will make the topic stick to his mind, but repeating it over and over and over will just turn into nagging and he will subconsciously do it again to annoy you (as his form of retaliation).


Believe it or not, PDA or a Public Display of Affection is something guys want to constantly get from their girlfriends. This doesn’t mean you have to give your boyfriend a French kiss every time you visit him at his office. However, bringing him an unexpected lunch or wiping his sweat off after a rigorous training at the gym is like him telling everybody, “my girl is damn crazy about me and I am one lucky, handsome guy!” It’s one big ride on his ego if everybody knows he has a girlfriend who is serious and really cares about him. If you want to be a good girlfriend, such simple gestures from you will surely make him feel appreciated and loved. If you do the tips listed here, we’re pretty sure that your guy will consider you to be the best girlfriend anyone could ever have!


  1. This has to be a joke…while there are some useful tips…these tips should apply to both men and women. This article comes off as sexist, and places most of the responsibility on the woman, which is not fair. Relationships are a two way street. I'd like to see the one on how to be a good boyfriend.

  2. I realzy loved this……..

  3. Thank you for the tips. I would agree that lack of communication can certainly affect a relationship especially in a long distance relationship.

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