How to Be a Good Kisser

Everyone wants to have that perfect kiss where the fireworks go off in their heads and nothing will ever be the same again. Obviously this will not happen every time you kiss someone but you can learn some tips on kissing that can make the likelihood of fireworks going off better. Even if you have never considered yourself to be a good kisser or if you do not have much experience in kissing, you will still be able to learn the necessary techniques to make it special.

Only Kiss the Right Person

If you are going to kiss someone then you better be sure that they are the right person for you. You must feel physically and emotionally attracted to someone before you kiss them and they must also feel attracted to you. If there is not attraction then the kiss will be no good. This means that you need to be selective about who you let kiss you and do not just kiss anyone. You may think that you can get experience by kissing a person even if you do not like them. This will not work because the kiss will be awkward and not enjoyable for you. This can actually do more harm for you then good because you may think that kissing does not get any better.

You may have to wait a little longer by waiting for the right person but it will be worth your wait. This does not mean that you need to be absolutely in love with someone before you kiss them because that would be silly; you just need to have an attraction there. A kiss between two people can be exciting, romantic and special and all you have to do is be prepared and willing and the sparks may fly.

Wait for the Right Moment

Although you may be in a hurry to kiss a person right away, if you wait for the right moment that kiss can be extra special. Most people expect a kiss at the end of a date but you should try to take your partner off guard and plan a kiss somewhere in the middle of the date. Trust me this will make the remaining time of your date go much better. If you are going to try to plan for your kiss, you should try to set a romantic mood for the kiss like candles, soft music or dancing. These tend to help create the mood and make the kiss feel like it is happening at the right moment. Even if you plan the kiss out, you will need to follow your instincts and if it does not feel right then you may need to postpone it for a little while.

Follow your instincts because they are usually right. There should be no pressure to kiss on the first date, only if you feel the mood is right. Sometimes having them wait a little adds a little mystery to the mix and creates a greater desire. This will make that kiss even more special when it happens. You can create the right setting anywhere you just need a little imagination. Be sure to look into each other’s eyes right before kissing because many people believe that you can talk with your eyes and you are able to tell if your partner is ready for a kiss.

Take Care of Your Lips

Your lips are going to be the prime target of the kiss so you want to be sure that you are taking good care of them. Keeping them moisturized can help keep them from getting dried and cracked. There are many lip balms available on the market that can help keep your lips fresh. Use these lip balms every day and do not simply wait for the day you plan on being kissed because this will not be enough time to get your lips into shape. Drinking plenty of water through the day will also prevent your lips from drying out. You should try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to adequately hydrate your lips.

You should also protect your lips from the cold and sun so they do not become chapped or burnt. Chapstick is a good choice for this because if offers you protection from the sun, wind and cold. For women going out on a date, you may want to go easy on the lipstick and use lip gloss instead. Keep your guy in mind because lipstick is a little sticky and does not taste very good.

Do Not Have Bad Breath

You absolutely will not want to have bad breath if you are about to be kissed. Hopefully you will have some type of clue of the kiss beforehand so that you can prepare yourself. Avoid things like garlic and onions because they have a unique and unpleasant smell associated with them. You should always keep some breath mints in your pocket or purse for just these occasions. A mint will be able to quickly change your bad breath into good breath just when you need it the most. Since you never know when you might be kissed you should keep on hand a fresh pack of them ready for when you need them.

You should also practice good dental hygiene to help fight off bad breath. You should brush your teeth at least three times a day and use dental floss and mouthwash frequently. You should plan on brushing your teeth and using mouthwash right before you head out for your date. This will help to keep your breath fresh throughout the date. You will need to think before you order your food so that you do not order any foods that will leave an after taste in your mouth. Your partner will be glad that you took the extra steps to keep your breath fresh and hopefully they were willing to take the same steps so that your kiss can be perfect.

Be Confident

For some things, the saying practice makes perfect holds true but not necessarily for kissing. It is more important to be confident and sure of yourself than it is to have practice. So even if you have not had much practice at kissing do not let that stop you from becoming a great kisser. People have been kissing since the beginning of time and most people have proven to be very successful at it. Trusting your instincts is the most important thing because they are almost always right.

Do not worry so much about the planning and the precision of your kiss, just do what feels natural. Kissing is much easier than most people believe but is usually just naturally happens and works from there. Just relax and enjoy yourself. If you become too tense and stressed, your partner will notice and the kiss will be uncomfortable for both of you. Remember that kissing is an expression of your feelings for each other and that is how you should look at your kissing. It is not about how much you tilt your head or if you should keep your eyes opened or closed but it is about expressing your feelings and doing what feels right and natural to you.

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