How to Look Beautiful at School

School is a place where people are more judgemental than anywhere else. When we go to school our social standing is very important – we’re trying to impress the boys, remain ‘cool’ and generally turn heads in the right direction.

No one wants to be sporting the nerdy look, or look like they’re wearing unwashed hand-me-downs, or your school-life can become a living nightmare. So yes, looking good is more important at school than ever, but unfortunately it’s made somewhat difficult by its very nature – you see schools are not technically beauty pageants and the teachers involved often don’t feel comfortable when their clientèle look too hot as it seems somewhat inappropriate. Meanwhile they are trying to instil a sense of discipline and order and one of the ways they can achieve this is by getting everyone to dress in a uniform. It makes the children easy to spot out of a lineup, it makes them remember that they are a part of your school, and it ensures that no one is superior to anyone else. It’s kind of like communism…

So this all makes it very hard to look your best at school and if you’re a girl trying to get the attention of a boy then you’re going to have a bit of a tricky time making yourself look your best when you have to wear a baggy grey jumper and tie and aren’t allowed makeup. Fortunately there are still some ways you can make yourself look beautiful – even in a school uniform – it’s not for no reason that a school uniform is one of guys’ favourite fetishes when they get older. Here we’ll look at some tips on how to look beautiful at school and to get around the problems inherent in doing so while sticking to the rules.

Learn the Rules

First of all make sure you know what the rules are. Are you allowed heals? Are you allowed to wear makeup? If so what makeup? Do you have to wear a tie? Are you allowed a skirt? All these things will have a big impact on how you look and you might be surprised about what you can get away with. It may well be that while your school is like some kind of throwback to the dark ages in some respects, they actually surprise you in others. Then you will be able to push the envelope as far as possible without getting kicked out.

Work It

Now you know what you can wear, it’s all about how you wear it. For instance just because you have to wear the jumper doesn’t mean you need to keep it on. And just because you have to wear a white shirt doesn’t mean you can’t make it fit better. Make sure that if you’re allowed them that you wear fitted shirts, and make sure that you are a good fit in them. If you do have to wear hand-me-downs then get them taken in if necessary. At the same time there’s no reason you can’t wear some ‘magic’ underwear to keep your stomach flat or to improve your physique in other ways if you think it could help. Heels if you’re allowed them will make your legs look much longer, but they’ll also affect your posture and make you walk in a more mature and alluring way which is sure to help you catch the attention of a guy.

Choose Makeup Wisely

Now makeup is likely to be reigned in by your school’s rules but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The title of this article is how to look ‘beautiful’ at school, not ‘how to look frankly inappropriate’. And genuinely guys to sometimes prefer the natural look as it tends to suggest the right kind of character. That doesn’t mean you can’t cheat a little though and if you want to look beautiful then it’s all about making your natural features stand out more – in such a way that the teachers can’t call foul play. For instance if you haven’t got the best skin in the world (an unfortunate reality of our school years often) then you can improve this by getting to work with some foundation and concealer. The brilliant thing about this strategy is that it’s designed to be matched to your skin, so no teacher can accuse you of wearing it unless they know and you won’t get into trouble. Likewise using the right mascara can really widen and darken your eyes and draw a lot more attention to them and this will change the way your whole face is perceived – again without being too obviously fake. You can use blusher to bring out your cheekbones, you can use a light lip gloss or a nude lipstick to make your lips more shiny and full looking. All of this is subtle and more the ‘maybe she’s born with it’ look rather than the ‘she comes from a broken home’ look.

Choose Your Hair

One thing that you will have pretty much free reign on is your hairstyle and this is a great asset that you can work. Make sure that you find out what haircut it is that suits you best and try a few. Changing your hair around will mean that you often get attention for new looks, and at the same time it will mean that you are more likely to find that perfect do. There’s a hairstyle out there for everyone and if you find the right one for you then it can truly transform your face – framing it just right or emphasising your best features.

Look After Yourself

Finally the real key to looking beautiful is to look healthy. If you have a radiant glow then this comes from your looking after your health and this is a great way to ensure you stay looking your best without upsetting any rules. In fact your school would encourage you to remain healthy.

This then means for instance looking after your skin and while acne can unfortunately be a fact of life if your skin produces too much oil and sebum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also improve your skin by exfoliating and moisturising etc. Likewise if you use the right shampoo and conditioner it’s possible to make your hair silkier and smoother and a nice set of luscious locks will be enough to make most people think about running their fingers through it. You can also of course improve your physique with exercise and by watching what you eat, and you can make sure your hands look good by taking care of your nails (try applying a clear varnish to make them shine in a way that doesn’t look unnatural).

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