How to Look Pretty for a Guy

Whether it’s because you’re trying to impress them, or because you’re already dating them and want to make them happy, looking pretty for a man is something that many women strive for and that can make both sexes very happy. However it’s a process that’s made somewhat tricky by the fact that men and women have such specific and individual tastes when it comes to what it is precisely that makes a woman look pretty. Here we will look into what the differences are and how to make sure that you look good and that your guy thinks as much.

What Is Pretty?

Pretty is the keyword here – you’re looking for a way to look pretty for your guy rather than hot or sexy and that’s where the opinions of men and women often differ – men think women look best when they’re sexy and women think they look best more understated and natural. Or at least that’s the perception – in reality it’s often the other way around.

Anyway, if done correctly, looking pretty can look sexy by default and everyone wins. The trick is to look pretty in a mature and beautiful way, rather than in the way you thought you looked pretty when you were younger by sticking sequences all over your head. Pretty does suggest an element of cutesy, but you should pull this off in a glamorous and sophisticated way.

Something for Men and Women

So think about the times when a guy’s opinion and a girl’s opinion on what is pretty meet. This is where you’ll find the happy middle ground that entails being pretty for a guy without selling out and dolling it up too much. So what’s pretty? Well that pretty much includes: soft and shiny hair, big eyes that sparkle, full lips, a nice smile, white teeth, a cute dress, a slim figure and good skin. If you nail those then you will be sure to look ‘pretty’.

Choosing a Dress

So a dress is a great way to look pretty – this is because it’s very feminine unlike necessarily wearing jeans and a top which might be sexy or nice looking, but is less likely to be pretty. A dress also shows off your physique, suggests an element of confidence and glamour, and dress sense. Of course you don’t want to go all out with your dresses because it won’t always be appropriate – if you wear a ball gown to a coffee shop then you won’t look pretty you’ll look like a fruitcase.

So for the day we’re looking at cutesy summer dresses that nevertheless catch a guy’s eye by showing off a little bit of your figure and maybe some flesh be it a cleavage or your pegs. Currently flowery summer dresses are very fashionable and these are the perfect design (maxidreses are also in at the moment and these can be equally summery and pretty but a little less practical). Wearing some modest heals can also ensure that your legs look their best and that you walk with a sultry swagger. Again though if they’re too large you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Coloured heals that match your dress are particularly cute if you can find some.

The key is to tease and show off your physique while sporting a nice pattern and managing to be sexy almost by accident rather than purposefully pandering to the guy’s perfect fantasy.


Now pretty makeup is also along the same lines as the dress. You want to make sure that you don’t go too overboard, but nevertheless draw some extra attention to your best features and cover up your blemishes. You don’t want to look plain, but then you don’t want to look tarty either.

A good technique then is to first cover up with a nice foundation or concealer to make your skin look smooth. Use a shade darker than your natural skin colour to create a light tan. Now bring out your cheek bones with blusher and your eyelashes with a good mascara (eyelashes are a big part of the pretty look).

Now choose a feature – lips or eyes. Decide on what your best feature is and then use a healthy amount of makeup there to make them stand out. Again don’t go too far and apply it too heavily, but do draw the eye. A light red lipstick or a pink lipstick is a great way to bring out the lips, or alternatively you can use a dark eye-shadow or a blue eye shadow. Most guys will love either of these features and it will make you look sexy without being too much. The mistake some women make is to heavily make up both their lips and their eyes, and in doing this they often end up looking a bit clownish.


How you do your hair will also have a large impact on just how pretty you look. Here long flowing hair is often the look that is most associated with looking pretty and this is a great way to achieve that look and to feel good about yourself (and what guy doesn’t love the idea of running his hands through a pretty woman’s hair?). If you’re not happy with your hair’s natural way of falling then you can make this prettier by straightening it or using curlers to make a wavy look. Also pretty looks though are having your hair up in a pony tail, in pigtails, or to show off your neck. Just put some time and thought into it and make sure that it looks feminine and attractive.


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