Relationship Advice: Reading Men’s Body Language

Reading body language is something that is talked about a lot, and with good reason. They say that over 50% of our communication is achieved through body language – so what you’re gesturing and gesticulations. And the truly great thing about this is that most of it is also unconscious – that is to say that they don’t know why they are doing it, and that they can’t help themselves from doing it – emotions they are trying to conceal come out in subtle ways through where their foot is pointing and how they flick their eyes.

This then means that you can stand to learn things about them that they don’t want you to, and it means that you can spot a lie as well as many other things. So if you could read these signals, and if you knew what someone was saying by how they gesture, then the whole dating game would be a lot easier because you could tell right away whether they were interested or not, and whether or not what you’re saying is going down well. Here we will look at some tell tale signs that those things are both the case.

He Points His Body Towards You: If a guy is interested in you (or if anyone is interested in you for that matter), then they will show it by pointing their body language towards you – so that their foot points to you for interest and so that their body leans towards you. If they are not interested in the other hand then you might find that their body language points towards the door – not such a good sign.

Their Pupils Dilate: If we fancy someone then our pupil will tend to dilate – enlargening as though there were low amounts of light. This is a biological response so there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it – however you do need to practice caution as it’s quite a difficult cue to spot.

They Point Towards Their Groin: This not so subtle unconscious behaviour means precisely what you might imagine it to mean – if they tuck their thumbs into their belt and their fingers point to their crotch, then there’s a good chance that they’re fond of you (this can also be a form of macho posturing so if there’s another guy who looks pretty hench standing behind you it may be more for his benefit).

They Touch You Frequently: Just as you might find yourself looking for excuses to touch a guy that you fancy, he too will likely find reasons to touch you – whether it’s slapping you on the arm to show appreciation for a good joke or sliding his arm behind yours.

He Fidgets: If a guy fidgets this can mean a number of things, but it is often likely to mean he’s nervous. Nerves are a good thing as it happens because it tells you that he’s taking the occasion seriously – and that hopefully therefore he might fancy you – you’d be surprised at how much a guy can go to pieces in the presence of a woman he finds attractive.

He Glances at Your Assets: If you catch the guy checking out your cleavage when you bend over, or looking at your legs and bum when you walk away, then this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the girl of his dreams – however what it probably does mean is that he is at least somewhat sexually attracted to you. Thus you can rest assured that your advances are much less likely to get rejected.

He Smiles a Lot: If he smiles at you a lot then this is always going to be a good sign, whether it’s because he wants to try and impress you with his pearly whites or whether it’s because you are making him happy – either is of course a very good sign.

He Poses: Some body language is not so unconscious and guys will of course go to an effort to impress you and this will mean holding a drinks glass in such a way that they expose their biceps, or trying to smoulder into the distance. Be warned though that guys have large egos as a rule so there’s a good chance they’d do this to impress you whoever you were.

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