Old Acne Scars Home Remedies

If you were one of the unlucky people who went through relatively serious acne in their childhood or younger formative years, then you will have had a lot to deal with while trying to manage your hormones, fit in around your peers and impress the opposite sex (I feel your pain).

The good news – everyone told you – was that you were going through this now and that meant you wouldn’t have to go through it again later – when you were meeting long term partners and when you were applying for jobs – when it really mattered. At the same time, they told you, acne is caused by testosterone which will mean that when you’re older you will be stronger and more driven than your contemporaries. And if that’s not enough? Acne is also caused by sebum and oil – and that means that when you were older you wouldn’t have wrinkly skin and would stay ever youthful and exuberant looking.

That all sounded great most likely and probably this was some kind of consolation. However what they didn’t tell you was that you were also going to be scarred by the acne. Permanently. And so the rest of your skin could be as soft and baby-like as you wanted, but people would still be looking at your spots or at least the ghost-like impression they left (on the other hand they also told you not to pick them… and there’s a good chance that you didn’t listen).

How to Remove Acne Scars

This then leaves you with a range of bumps and divots in your skin which aren’t all that attractive. So you have a few options – fortunately if you know what you’re doing and how the skin works it is possible to remove these acne scars entirely by using home remedies. Here we’ll look at some that can work wonders.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Lemon: If your scar is a darker colour than the rest of your skin then there are a few things you can do and all you need to achieve is to lighten that skin again so that you can’t see them. You can do this by using lemon which should bleach the skin and this way lighten it significantly so that your scars might not be as noticeable. Squeeze a little lemon onto the area then leave it on over night for the best chance of bleaching your skin to the same shade.

Tan: Likewise, why not try and bring the rest of your face up to a darker shade? To make your angry spot scars stand out less, try developing a tan on your face and enjoy a more even skin tone.

Moisturise: Moisturising is a great way to make your skin more flexible and pliable and this will cause it to cover up the dips and divots.

Exfoliate: Your skin likely looks more damaged than it is because of dead skin cells. A great way to prevent this problem is to exfoliate which will rub away the damaged skin cells meaning that your skin is brighter and all at a more similar level – much like refinishing a hardwood floor.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a vitamin that is crucial for the skin’s ability to heal. You can apply this directly on the skin using a vitamin E cream, or you can supplement with a vitamin E tablet. Either way it should encourage your skin to heal.

Note: Vitamin E creams are quite expensive. For a cheaper alternative purchase dietary vitamin E capsules and burst them before applying the vitamin E directly onto your skin.

Bio-Oil: Bio-Oil is a product that works by delivering the nutrients to a much deeper layer in the skin and it’s used in order to treat everything from stretch marks to scars from accidents. It’s a great product you can use at home to remove the scars gradually over time. There are many other creams and products you can also use that remove wrinkles and any of these should be equally effective in removing acne scars.

Other Things You Can Do

If you don’t want to use these home remedies and want something a little more immediately effective then a great option is to use laser treatment which can tighten your skin and eradicate the appearance of scarring with only a mild discomfort. The downside of course is the price.

Lastly you can also use foundation and concealer to cover up acne scars whether you are a guy or a gal and though it won’t have any lasting effect it can certainly make the problem easier to live with.

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