How to Be Emo

Emo began as a type of rock music with melancholy lyrics and a hardcore punk style. It became popular in the 1980s with bands like Rites of Spring. This music was referred to as emotional hardcore and then emocore and was eventually shortened to emo. The music style gained mainstream attention in the early 2000s with bands like Jimmy Eat World and New Found Glory. The emergence of this new type of music gathered a collection of groupies, who over time developed their own special style. This style is referred to as emo and is considered to be depressing and dark.

Chances are if you are looking to be emo then this style of music attracts you and you find yourself drawn to other people who are emo. You should want to be an emo and not try to become one because someone else tells you to. Being an emo is more about who you are inside including your thoughts and feelings than it is trying to turn into something. So before you decide that being emo is for you, be sure you are making your decision for the right reasons or it may be difficult for you to change. However, if being emo seems right for you, it can be a great way to meet people who are just as “emo”tional as you.

Know the Music

There is no way that you can be emo unless you understand and listen to the music that this lifestyle was developed from. You should embrace this music and listen to it whenever you can. Play it in the car, download some songs onto your iPod and go to clubs who play this type of music. You will want to listen to and learn the lyrics so you are better able to understand the philosophy behind the music. You can even try your hand at writing your own lyrics, which are nothing more than poetry set to music. Many people who are emo write poetry as a means of expressing their emotions.

You should also learn how to dance to emo music because this will help you when you go clubbing. To be able to dance to emo music, you should be able to feel as if you are one with the music. This will help you be more comfortable dancing and it will help your dancing flow with the music. Start by letting your hair fall down into your face so that it hangs in front of your eyes. Now you can start by jumping, kicking, spinning, punches or whatever else you feel the music is leading you to do. This dance sounds a little easier than it is, so you will want to practice it at home before heading out to the club.

Dress the Part

There is a certain dress code that is followed by people who are emo and if you want to be emo, you will need to adhere to this dress code. They wear tight fitting jeans that are usually black or another dark color with a T-shirt that may or may not be dark like the jeans. They are famed for their black, studded belts and wristbands. Some guys choose to wear thick, black-rimmed glasses. Dark is the prominent standard here as it helps them to stay in their sad, depressive state of mind.

Dressing the part of emo is an important step in your transformation. Wearing the right clothes will help you feel emo and also help you feel like you are part of the group. Dressing in this style will allow you to display an outward appearance of the new lifestyle you are embracing. You may get some comments from your friends and family as they begin to notice your new style of clothing. They are likely to just be concerned about you because they do not understand the emo philosophy. You can help curb their worry by explaining to them what about emo attracts you.

Look the Part

Now that you have the proper dress code down, you will need to add the makeup and accessories to complete the look. For both guys and girls heavy, black eyeliner and mascara are almost always worn to give a dark look to your eyes. Very little, if any additional makeup is worn by people who are emo. They also wear black fingernail polish with usually shorter fingernails. They can be found wearing darker jewelry, especially black, leather bracelets or chocker necklaces.

Emo, like most other groups, has evolved over time and is likely to have a slight variation in style. You will be able to look at others who are emo to help you keep up with the latest trends. As the trends change so can your style but you will want to fit in with the group and look like the rest of the group. As long as you think dark and stick with darker colors, you will always be able to look the part of an emo.

Get an Emo Hairstyle

People who are emo have a signature hairstyle all of their own, so if you want to become emo you need to make an appointment to get your hair cut. The hairstyle you should get has long bangs that are swept to the side. They usually cover one or both eyes when the hair is lying straight down. This style fits the emo best because it allows them to easily throw their hair in their face when they are dancing and it allows for their hair to bounce freely in their face. Their hair is also cut in layers so that it has a short, choppy look.

Sometime they may choose to have their hair dyed a dark, black color and straightened to add to their dark look. To add in the punk look of emo, some people highlight their hair with one or more colors like blue, pink or red. You may think that it is not very important how you wear your hairstyle but in the emo world, this is an important factor.

Act Like an Emo

One of the most important factors to be emo is to have the right personality that matches the emo culture. This personality portrays a lot of emotions and means of expressing those emotions. People who are emo tend to be sensitive, introverted and negative. They seem to always see the bad side of life and think in negative terms. They are definitely the glass half empty type of people and they are usually in a depressing mood. The most common ways they use to express their emotions are through things like, music, poetry, art or dance.

Some people try to portray people of the emo culture as being cutters or suicidal but this is not necessarily true. Harm to yourself is definitely not a part of the emo culture and it is not encouraged by the people in these groups. These kinds of feelings are caused by a mental illness and need to be treated as such. Perhaps because emo tends to be a depressive type of lifestyle, they are more likely to attract people with depression problems. If you find yourself becoming too depressed or having suicidal thoughts, you should seek professional help immediately.

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