So you want to be outgoing? This may require you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you would not normally do. You will need to talk more, try new things and enjoy life more. Are you up for the challenge? Becoming an outgoing person can open up many new opportunities for you and you may discover talents that you never even knew you had. It is a great trait to have and allows you to experience life to the fullest and to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Throw away your shy, timid side and open yourself to the world of opportunities and see everything that you have been missing out on. Do not worry about the process, it may take some time but anyone can learn the skill of being outgoing.

Speak Up for Yourself and Others

If you currently consider yourself as not outgoing you are most likely introverted, shy and may even have anxiety when in a group of people. To be outgoing you will need to put these anxieties aside and go for it. You will need to force yourself to stand up for yourself. This may seem like a scary thought to you, especially if you are used to just walking away from situations but outgoing people stand their ground. They know what they believe in and they stand up for it. Once you get some practice, this step will not be as scary as you think and in the long run it will reduce the amount of time you are confronted by people.

The first thing you need to do is to gain some confidence that will teach you how to stand up for yourself. Martial arts can be a great thing to learn that will help you feel more confident and more likely to stand up for things you believe in. Martial arts can give you the skills you need to handle yourself in confrontational situations. You may never need to use this skill but somehow just knowing that you could handle any situation will help build your confidence.

Ask Before Someone Asks You

Outgoing people tend to just jump in and make themselves known. When people are looking for someone to help, they are often the first person to sign up and they do not wait for someone to ask them. Outgoing people are always looking for opportunities to shine and for something new and different to do. They will help at the bake sale or even volunteer to speak at the next meeting. They will most likely be the office holder at organizations and will be involved in as many things as possible. You may be thinking by now that this is way outside of what you are willing to do but there are ways to help you speak up and become more involved.

This will not make the process too stressful for you but will still help you become outgoing. If you have trouble speaking in public or even in small groups, do not worry so much because this is a common problem among people. Look for a local Toastmasters group because this group is designed to help people learn to speak in public settings. They are experienced in working with people who have anxiety when in groups; in fact almost everyone who goes to the meeting has these problems.

Get to Know Everyone

When you are outgoing, you will want to know everyone and you will take the initiative to meet someone new. This too is going to be out of your comfort zone but if you are going to be outgoing you must be willing to meet new people. This means not waiting for someone to come to you but you should actually be the one going up to them and introducing yourself. After you exchange greetings, ask them a few questions about themselves so you can get to know them a little better. The more people you know the better chance you have of being invited to different places and experiencing new things.

You can start small with this step and start by saying hello to people you meet on the street. Make a commitment to yourself that you to say hello to everyone you pass for a three day period. You will need to look them in the eyes and smile and say a simple hello. Three days is usually a good time frame for you to start feeling more comfortable but if you need more time allow yourself the time. This will help you feel more comfortable meeting new people. Next you can make a commitment to introduce yourself and ask a few questions to at least one person every day. This will build your confidence and give you experience talking to people you do not know. Before too long, you will be encouraged to go up and talk to people.

Join Clubs and Groups

Joining several clubs and groups will also help you to be more outgoing. Try to choose groups and clubs that you are interested in and do not just randomly pick a few clubs to join. If you are interested in what the club or group stands for you are more likely to enjoy yourself and the more comfortable you will feel when there. Besides, being outgoing has everything to do with having more fun. Your whole goal should be to enjoy yourself and the things you do and not to do things just to force you to get out. There are unlimited groups and clubs to choose from and there are clubs available that will meet anyone’s likes.

You do not need to go out and join ten groups in one day because this may just be too much for you. Instead try joining just one club at a time and when you get used to each one, you can add another one. Remember that you do not want to stress yourself out so much that you shut down and quit the process. There is no timeline to becoming outgoing and as long as you are feeling better every day you are making progress. The great things about clubs and groups are that you will be able to meet people who share similar interests with you.

Be a Leader

This last step of being outgoing may be the most difficult because you have probably been a follower for most of your life. The fact is outgoing people are leaders so you will need to work yourself up to believe that you can be a leader. There is nobody better than you and you have all the abilities to be a great leader, so there should be nothing holding you back except maybe your self-confidence. You will be able to curb some of those scary thoughts by going to some leadership lectures or taking some leadership classes. These classes are designed to transform anyone into a leader and they help to give you the skills and techniques you need to become a great leader. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and know that you can do and be anything that you want to be.

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