Being witty can be a personality characteristic that a person has but can also be a learned art for many people. If you are witty, you will know just what to say to make a funny or sarcastic comment just at the perfect time. Wit can sometimes allow you to say what you really mean but in a funny way, which can sometimes leave people unsure of what your true meaning was. This leaves a little mystery to your comments as people believe that they know what you meant by your comment. This can also lead to some people to take your words out of context and leave them believing that you meant something that you never intended. If you are good at being witty, you will be able to leave the correct impression with people. Wit can be a great attribute because it gives you a sense of humor and allows you to state what is on your mind.

Learn From the Best

If you want to be witty, you should try to learn the unique skill from the best. Most talk show hosts are rather witty and are able to come up with witty comments right off the top of their heads. Some TV newscasters are also witty and seem to be able to sneak their little comments in at the perfect time. You can learn to become witty just by watching them on TV. Turn on the tube and see what you can learn. We tend to mimic people and how they act and behave. By seeing others in action, you will probably start thinking of your own witty comments that you could add in.

There are also many authors who are considered to be very witty and Oscar Wilde is one of the most famous people who have the unique skill of wit. You should try reading through one or more of his books because this will be the perfect way to learn the skill of wit. When reading a book, you can go at your own speed and read them again and again until you are able to grasp the wit while reading. By understanding how to be witty and seeing how others use their wit, you will be better able to start trying to be witty yourself.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Wit is about adding you comment at the best time that will help you make your statement clear. You should not be too serious when you make your witty comments. If you are too serious and are saying the comments to be mean or spiteful, this is not really wit at all. You are not looking to start a fight or to just make a snide comment here are there, that is very different from wit and will not prove to be funny or to make a point. Many people do confuse the two but you will know inside where the comment is coming from and people will be able usually be able to distinguish your motive.

Wit does not always have to be on a serious tone but can be used just to lighten up a situation. You should learn to use your witty comments in a wide range of circumstances and not just in a serious mode. Wit should come from a part of your intelligence and knowledge on a situation. You should learn early on that if you are not knowledgeable in a certain area it will be best for you to leave wit out of your conversation because your comments may come across not making much sense.

Do Not Go Too Far

You need to understand your limitations and not go too far. If your witty comment is intentionally hurting someone’s feelings then it is not wit. Becoming a witty person does not mean the same thing as being a bully and the intent is very different. You must understand the difference if you are to become witty. Wit is a comment made to make a point in a humorous way not to specifically harm another person. Basically, the difference is in what you are thinking at the time and what your motives behind the comment are.

You are most likely to be witty around your family and friends, so you need to be very careful when dealing with people so close to you. The last thing you will want to do is hurt your family or friend’s feelings. You need to learn when you have gone far enough and when it is time to stop. When you are unsure if you should make a comment or not, your best bet is to err on the side of caution and not make the comment. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Always remember that you cannot take a comment back after you have said it.

Do Not Laugh

The trick to being witty is not to laugh when you say the comment and depending on the comment this can be very difficult to do. This may require you to practice a bit to achieve this, especially if you are not used to making witty comments. You may find the comment so funny that you want to laugh out loud but for wit to be effective you need to keep a straight face. You actually should appear to be very serious when making your comment because that is what wit is all about. You may be able to achieve this tactic in a short amount of time or it may take a while before you are able to control your laughter, it just depends on how each person is. If you can’t help but laugh, do not worry just shake it off and understand that your witty comment just became a joke. Just remember either way, you were able to make your point and get a laugh.

Know What Is Happening Around You

Wit requires a high level of intelligence and a good sense of the world around you. If you want to become witty, it is a must that you keep up with current events and be very knowledgeable about the world. You cannot make a comment about a subject if your knowledge about it is very limited. Learn about politics, entertainment and sports. You should watch the news often, read the newspaper and read news stories online. This combination should give you the skills you need to keep in touch with the world you live in. Then when people are making comments about a certain subject, you will be able to interject and make a witty comment or two.

You should also know about things that are happening in your own area. If you are meeting with friends in your local area, they are likely to talk about local issues. For this reasons, you should keep up with all of the local dealings. Reading your local newspaper or watching the local news will help keep you up-to-date. Be careful when interjecting when it comes to local issues because some people tend to become very heated if the issue directly relates to them. Make your point but fall short of making anyone angry.

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