Do Pheromones Work?

Many people believe in love at first sight but would you believe me if I told you that there was love at first smell? You would probably think I was crazy for even suggesting such a thing. However, science has proven that humans, like other animals do have pheromones that are actually built in natural smells that attract members of the opposite sex. The reason for these pheromones is of course to be certain that the human race will go on. When a female secretes pheromones then she is actually sending out a signal which says she available. Many scientists believe that pheromones are the main factor in why certain people become attracted to each other. If you have ever seen an odd couple and have not been able to figure out what they could possible be together for, a mismatched couple if you will, it is quite possible that pheromones were the culprit.

If Pheromones Work Then Why Don’t Humans Mate for Life?

This is a very good question. Do people actually get sick of their partners pheromones? Do other more attractive pheromones come along? There are some animals in the animal kingdom that do mate for life but why not humans? The truth of the matter is there are really no scientific reasons to explain why it is that the same pheromones that attracted you to someone in the first place may become old hat after awhile. There could be many reasons but one definitive reason is that modern products, colognes and perfumes tend to disguise out pheromones in such a way that they are no longer the natural ones we had in the beginning. It could also be simply those pheromones were what initially attracted you to the person but that there were other unrelated factors that ended up turning you off.

Synthetic Pheromone Products

There are many products on the market now that claim to give you a scent that will attract you to members of the opposite sex. Some people are firm believers that these products work and others say they are a waste of money. The thing is since pheromones are an initial attractant, the product may work for awhile but if there is no ongoing chemistry then yes it would have been a waste of your time and money. However, if the pheromone products work to bring you closer to someone you want to get to know and the fireworks so go off then by all means, go for it!

Women’s Natural Pheromones

While this may sound pretty disgusting to some people the truth is the natural odors your body secretes are the most potent pheromones there are. This is not to say that walking around with terrible smelling armpits is a great idea but when it comes to women trying to freshen up and disguise their female scents, what they are doing is hiding their natural pheromones. This is why so many men when asked in surveys chose the way a woman smells naturally to the way she smells after using some kind of feminine hygiene product. Men are drawn to the musky smell of the female hormones that are secreted in the genitalia. This is a common opinion that is shared by many men. The next time you feel self conscious about the smell you have when you are with a man remember that it may be that very smell that drives him crazy.

Men’s Natural Pheromones

Some women are admittedly attracted to the smell of her man when he first comes home from working, sweating and all. This does not mean she wants her man to be dirty by any means but it simply means that this is when he is secreting the most pheromones and this tends to be a sexual stimulant for whatever reason. Of course there are women who do not enjoy the smell but in polls many women said they loved the smell of a man after he was finished doing some sort of physical exercise. This seems like a mystery but if you really think about it for a few minutes it makes sense that a man or woman would be most attractive in his/her natural state. After all we were created with these pheromones for a reason.

Do Women Stop Secreting Pheromones After Menopause?

Unfortunately, sometime around the age of 40 many women have reported a feeling of almost being invisible to men. This is indeed due to the diminishment of pheromones that post menopausal women will secrete. You see pheromones are secreted by animals during their fertile years. After a woman no longer ovulates, whether it is because of menopause or because of a surgical procedure, she will stop secreting the sex pheromone. The good news is that there are many studies being done now on synthetic forms of topical hormones that many women involved in the studies claimed to have seen results from. If you are a post menopausal woman, talk to your doctor about something you can use to mimic the pheromones you were secreting when you were at your fertile time.

Everyone, no matter what their age wants to feel attractive and since a direct link between pheromones and attraction by the opposite sex has been made there are a lot of scientific programs underway. These studies are being conducted in order for us to better educate ourselves on pheromones and the exact effect they have on humans in terms of opposite sex attraction.


  1. I firmly believe pheromones play a huge part in sexual attractiveness. My wife's scent used to drive me crazy. Just a lift of the covers and I was instantly sexually aroused. I loved her taste. After her having a hysterectomy I am no longer attracted to her scent. I am not sexually aroused by her. I no longer enjoy her taste. I have little to no interest in her sexually.

  2. I’m the biggest loser in the world when it comes to women. Just today I found out I struck out for about the millionth time with a woman I’m attracted to. I’m sure the same thing would happen if I tried putting this pheromone stuff under my armpits. Losing with women is the biggest curse in the world for guys like me.

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