How to Make Out

Making out is basically one of the most exhilarating adventures a grown person can ever experience. For some, it is a means to experience a rare kind of joy that is known by most couples. For others, it is a means of knowing each other more and taking time to be acquainted with a loved one’s likes and dislikes. Simply said, making out is having fun with your body and enjoying the experience with someone else.

However, how can a person know how to properly make out with his/her cherished someone? Are there rules about making out with a person you’ve only just met in contrast with making out with a person you’ve been with for years? Does making out entail some form of preparation before doing it? This article is a practical guide on how to make out. After reading this article, you will know everything from the “unwritten” rules, going all the way, and some “safety” measures you have to take care of prior to having fun with your special buddy. Remember, a make-out session with your special someone should be relaxed, safe, and fun. Reading this article will surely help you get acquainted with the make-out basics you need to know!

Knowing Your Limits

Like all other things in life, making out has its limits. If you want to make out with a stranger you met at a bar, you might want to think twice before going all the way. If you want to make out with a date, you have to carefully consider up to what base you should go to. If you really like this guy or girl but you aren’t on special terms with him/her, you have to consider if you even have any right to suggest making out in the first place. Limits vary, but you can easily have an idea on what to do with the basic scenarios listed below:

• With a stranger you barely met – A hot stranger from the bar doesn’t make him/her less of a stranger. You REALLY have to think soberly before deciding to make out with this person. Light flirting is okay, but going all the way is not really a good idea. You might content yourself with some sensual dancing and light kissing, but anything over is no longer safe in more ways than one. Aside from risking having sex with a silent psychopath, you also have the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD. If you are all out desperate to get some, do it with someone you’ve been flirting with for some time and WITH protection.

• With a friend – A friend can be as difficult to make out with as a stranger, especially if you value your relationship. The safest way to test your chances of “getting some” is by bestowing a light kiss or a hug. An interested friend will respond and give you some back, while an uninterested friend would likely look you in the eye with the worried frown and ask, “What the hell’s got into you?” If that’s the case, take it as a “NO” and tell him/her you’re just being playful.

• With a date – The extent of making out with a date should actually depend on how many dates you’ve had and how much you already like what you know about the person. Everybody is familiar with the baseball metaphors for sex, so let’s review them. First base is usually light to heavy kissing up to some mammary fondling. This usually takes place on the first date. The second base is basically a more aggressive approach to the first base with some non-penetrative stimulation for the genitalia. This is usually after your second date. The third base is an upgrade second base with oral stimulation of the genitalia. The fourth base or “home run” is going all the way with it. The third and fourth bases usually happen form the 3rd date onwards. If you don’t like your date, then might as well stop seeing the person altogether.

• With your girlfriend/boyfriend – You don’t really need to ask anybody how to make out and if you have any limits when the person is already your girlfriend/boyfriend, right? Just go with the flow but use some protection if you don’t want another person to share the coziness 9 months from now.

Going All the Way

It is pretty hard to control yourself from going all the way if you let yourself get carried away by your make-out session. For people who aren’t ready to have sexual intercourse, playing it safe does not only mean limiting your partner but knowing how much self-control you have too. The key to protecting yourself from going all the way when you aren’t ready is to not let yourself get too horny. One way to do this is to limit the time you spend with your partner alone. If you aren’t ready to have sex, avoid staying in places where there is minimal disturbance. Don’t go into a room or a house where nobody else is staying. Of course, don’t play dumb and go along with your date if he/she decides to go to a motel.

If you want to experience some light flirtation such as kissing, touching, or fondling, you have to be careful with your explorations. Don’t remove your clothes and don’t let your partner take off his/hers. The moment you feel like removing your clothes is the time to stop.

Now, if you have experience with sex and you are merely hesitant because the relationship is new, don’t rush things. If you are being compelled to have sex to show that you love the person, then this means that the person is only interested in your reproductive organs. Sex shouldn’t be forced and should be enjoyed in a relaxed and cozy setting.

“Safety” Measure

Let’s face it; making out is the preliminary ceremony for having sex. In that case, you always have to bring protection. Guys should have at least three condoms stored in their wallet. Sexually-active girls should properly take their pills or be updated with their patch or injectables. You’ll never know when you’ll get the urge to “get some”, so it is better to prepare as if the magical moment will occur soon. Aside from making sure that nobody will get pregnant and that nobody will get STD, strictly following “safety” measures will make having sex more enjoyable and less strained.

A lot of people, especially those going on first dates, tend to think that they need not prepare because they won’t really go “all the way”. However, feelings of passion come unexpected and you don’t want to go rushing to the doctor for morning-after pills. If you can prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs right now, the better.

Remember: Making out should be fun, relaxed, and safe. If you go all the way, you should be properly prepared to do it. Moments of passion are part of human nature and it is our responsibility to look after ourselves and not get into sexual-related accidents. If you want numerous episodes of pure bliss with your partner in your moments of intimacy, make sure to do everything properly and safely, without anyone getting in trouble.

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