Zodiac Signs Compatibility

All of us were born under one of the 12 star signs and many people believe that this fact determines many of the things that will happen to us throughout our life. There are characteristics attached to each sign and while some people will clearly fit the bill others are very different. If it is looked at more closely it will be appear that more details need to be found. It is clearly understandable that one 12th of the world population cannot all have the same characteristics and that they will experience the same things but knowing the exact time of birth will give a more accurate reading.

The alignment of the stars and planets at that time gives a much more detailed view of the future. For those who believe in this they will check the stars daily to find out what they should or should not do. This can even relate to looking for the person they are likely to marry. It would be interesting to know how many people have ended a good relationship because the star signs were not supposed to be compatible or carried on through an appalling one because according to the stars they were perfect for each other.

Zodiac Sign Characteristics

It has been said that people born under a certain star sign will be more likely to be able to live with people born under certain other signs. The 12 signs fall under 4 different categories and all have their own characteristics. If you want to check your compatibility with someone check the list carefully as there are things that may not fit. It would be logical to think that Aquarius would be a water sign but this is not the case as it is air.

• Water – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

• Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

• Earth – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

• Air – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Each Groups Characteristics

• Water – people born under these signs will be very complex. They will be creative and very family orientated. They will want security from others and in order to get it will be prepared to commit themselves and be open about their feelings. They can be understanding and have strong desires. Knowing they are honest will leave them open to abuse from others.

• Fire – people with a fire sign will be adventurous and brave with a lust for life that can overshadow everything else. Bold and resourceful they can be impulsive and passionate. They may not always think logically especially if they have already made up their mind about something. Often it will be a case of act now and think later.

• Earth – they will want to keep to tradition and keep their feet firmly on the ground. They are loyal and enthusiastic with a strong desire to be true to every detail. It may be hard for some to live up to the expectations they have.

• Air – a person under this category will definitely be classed as a people person. They will be tolerant and kind with an ability to flirt while being caring at the same time. It may seem likely that they will be compatible with all other star signs but this is not the case.

Compatibility of Zodiac Signs

For every person that insists it is not possible for people of certain groups to be happy together unless they are from certain signs of the zodiac there will be just as many who wish to disprove it. There will be many relationships that did not work out and the reason will be they were not born under compatible signs while there will be as many long standing happy marriages where they should have faced the same problems according to zodiac law.

Regardless of the characteristic a star sign is supposed to give us, not everyone will comply. There will be too much that happens to us in our formative years to allow that to happen. There are however guidelines about which star sign should work well with another and the results will be interesting. Look for your own sign and see if the good and bad signs for it fit in with the relationships you have had. If you are on the cusp of your sign – or your partner is maybe look at the following or previous sign and see if that makes more sense. Being on the cusp means to have your birthday on the day before or the day after the dates that the star sign covers.

Compatible Groups

Fire and Air

When these signs join there should be a good relationship. The strength of fire with their energy and forceful outlook mixes well with the intelligence of air. The lightheartedness that air can bring to the meeting blends well with fires love of live and there will be great times ahead.

Fire and Earth

This leads to a great business relationship yet there can be concerns about how each party goes about putting in their share. Ambition and organization are a good combination yet things will not always run smoothly.

Fire and Water

This is a relationship that will be hot and steamy if ever there was one. The passion will be on show but when there is conflict everyone else will be well advised to move out of the way. Emotions always run high on both sides and everyone around will know.

Earth and Air

Respect is the main emption here and it is on both sides. Earth will never feel fully secure though as air has a habit of changing their mind at the drop of a hat. On the other hand earth’s need to be grounded can be irritating and air will wish they would loosen up a little.

Earth and Water

The wild water will want to be tamed by the down to earth – well earth. The caring side of water will reach out to earth in order to show them warmth and nourishment.

Air and Water

These signs will be reaching for the stars. They have big ideas yet there is the risk that air’s need for space will do nothing to stop the insecurity that water feels. The last thing air needs is to be overpowered.

At one time it was more than likely that the reading would be given by an experienced astrologist. Quite likely it would take place in a room where the walls were filed with charts and symbols representing each sign. If it was a detailed reading that was being given a complicated chart would be produced showing all the signs and how they interact with each other. There would be a lot of questions asked about both couples and it would be as detailed as the exact time they were born and possibly the exact location.

Nowadays it can be done by clipping a cutting from a newspaper and sending away for the chart. Online sites have turned zodiac compatibility into a much easier art to follow. By logging onto a website and clicking on a symbol of your own star sign you can then get details of how compatible you are with people from other signs. Whether someone would look for their life partner this way remains to be seen. It will be fun to check but if star sign compatibility is such a big deal it will be best to have a proper reading.

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  1. I enjoyed ur write-up on zodiac sign compatibility but found error in your writing on example of water nation – you didn't include Pisces but included Capricorn twice. Pls make correction. Thanks.

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