How to Be an Alpha Male

What Is an Alpha Male?

Alpha male is an expression used for a man that is considered to be a group leader and very often successful with women. It can be about looks but often is more about the way they behave and act when in company. Any man who is confident enough in his own ability can become a leader and very often this is the case in the world of work. Knowing how to make your view known and argue against the view of others is likely to get the man a leadership role. It does not have to be a violent action that works but just strength of personality.

Just by making decisions can be a step on the road to getting the title alpha male. While the right decisions are made this will be fine but if the man starts making poor choices the position will soon be lost to the next person confident enough to challenge them. The more people who are affected by the decisions made the more likely the alpha male will get support again as long as they are to the benefit of those around him. It is a matter of trading off the amount of decisions made with the amount of credit received if the right call has been made. An alpha male can lose status just as quickly as he can gain it.

The Alpha Male in Work

To be an alpha male at work you need to learn how to get on with people and not just make decisions for them. If you can be relaxed in a group especially if there are a number of women in it, then people will want to be around you. If at the same time you are able to make them feel comfortable so much the better. Know how to give people a bit of confidence but just enough. It is fine for people to want to praise you but not put up a challenge. There is a need to read the situation. What can be a really funny joke the first time you say it will endear you to people. Telling it on a daily basis or taking it too far will alienate them.

Being focused and transparent is important. An alpha male will not be easily deterred from their views. They will have the confidence in their own ability and also their ability to convince others. Alongside this will be the understanding that they can easily be knocked off their perch. Not being open and upfront can lead to those around them losing trust and they will eventually lose face.

Don’t try to take all the responsibility or all the glory alone. If there is an attempt at too much control it will be easy for things to go wrong. This will give others the chance to take the place and become the new alpha male. Sharing the work can also mean sharing the credit and this can work in two ways. It may mean that someone else is able to shine and gain a higher profile but can also mean that they are grateful for the chance to look good.

There will be the need to be a strong person and be able to keep control of both emotions and tempers when things go wrong. Nothing should ruffle the feathers of the alpha male and they should be able to regain control without a loss of face. It may be necessary to play to the crowd on occasions but as long as this is done with honesty and not in a vindictive way the role of alpha male should be kept.

The Alpha Male at Play

One thing for certain is that in a social event the alpha male will have a number of other males around him. Some will be of his choosing and will be in an attempt to make himself look better, while the others will have joined him to either learn tips or take advantage of the amount of women he seems to attract.

Firstly he will not treat a woman any differently than he would treat a man. There is no need to make it look as if he is interested in a sexual relationship but wants to be her friend. It is amazing how quickly he will manage to change this however. As an alpha male is bound to have a lot of female friends already it will not seem strange to them and they will think he really is as caring as he seems.

He also won’t try to be anything he isn’t. Confidence is the most important weapon in the armory of the alpha male and being out of their depth can damage that. They will keep to what they know they are good at and avoid what may make them lose face. In the same way that he will not want to become a figure of fun he will never treat others as if they are less important. Being respected and giving respect is seen as important and the easier it appears to achieve the longer the alpha male role will be held.

Body Language of an Alpha Male

Men are by and large less suited to verbal communication than women, but what is not always realized is that they don’t manage to understand body language. This is one area where the alpha male may find that he has to practice. The alpha male will never slouch but stand as tall as possible. Back straight, shoulders back he will always look ready for action and to jump to the aid of a damsel in distress. Fitness is a given and yet there will still be the ability to look as if he is relaxed until needed. Eye contact is vitally important as it not only gives an air of honesty but when talking to a woman can make her feel like he is looking deep inside her soul. When he does speak to her it will be open and honest and never an attempt to build himself up. He should be able to make her see the benefits of being with him without him having to point it out to her.

An Important Fact

There are two different types of people who want to be classed as an alpha male. This will be the man who just wants to be popular, get asked to a lot of parties and as a result have a lot of success with woman. He will soon be found out however as part of this lifestyle will not lend itself to faithfulness and honesty. As soon as he is found out the mantle will slip and someone else will take their place. For a man who wants to be a leader for a better reason than partying it will be a long term commitment not just a short term con. It may be to get to the top of the work ladder or to be in a position to attract the right woman to allow himself to settle down and have a family. The better a person he is the more likely he is to attract the sort of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

For some time the term alpha male has been used as a bit of a joke but in reality the ones who really deserve the title are the sort of people most of us will want to be around.

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