How to Be on Time Every Time

When it comes to punctuality there are two ways to be well known for it. You can be the person who always rolls in to events ten minutes late, and who gets told that outings are happening an hour before they actually are so that you won’t be more than half an hour late, or you can be the person who is always at your venue bang on the dot and who never keeps anyone waiting. Most of us would say that out of these two options we’d rather be the former, but how do you make sure that you turn up to events on time more often? Here we will look at some tips on how to make yourself more punctual more of the time.

Leave Early

First of all you should always make sure to aim to leave early. Always over-estimate rather than under-estimate how long it is going to take you to reach your destination and this time you will have a bugger region of time in case you get stuck in traffic or something similar. Meanwhile it will just help you anyway as something always seems to crop up that you need to do – as a rule you will always take longer than you think to do things so leave with extra time.

Finish Chores Early

So say you have three hours before you need to get somewhere and you want to have a sit down and read some of your book at some point as well as doing the dishes before you leave so you’re not leaving them for your house mates. The correct way to go about this is to do the dishes first thing as early as possible, and then to sit and relax reading. Do not do this the other way around or you’ll find you end up putting off doing the dishes and by the time you come to do them it’ll probably take longer and you’ll end up being late.

Get Ready

Likewise you can also set yourself back running around to put on shoes and find a coat etc. You can then wait to go while being fully dressed in your shoes and coat and that way you will just have to put down your book or turn off the TV and walk out the door when it gets to that point.

Prepare Things the Night Before

If you need to do something early the next day then you can make sure that you are ready to go the night before to avoid last minute difficulties when you have a time limit. Lay out the clothes you are going to wear tomorrow, find your keys and put them by the back door, and generally make sure everything is in place to be conducive to a smooth ride.

Use Sat Nav

You might be as early as possible but then get slowed down by getting lost or lost in traffic. A good idea then is to use some kind of satellite navigation so you can just type in the postcode and follow the instructions. Even better is to use Sat Nav with a built in traffic system that helps you to avoid queues and problems on the road.

Be Constantly Ahead

If you are going to get to your appointment on time then you need to get to the appointment before it on time. And to get to that one on time you need to get to the one before that early. In other words the pattern you set at the start of the day is the one that will continue, so make sure that you attend any appointments as early as possible – even if you’re not currently in a rush and that you endeavour to finish them as quickly as possible.

Set the Clock Forward

Setting your clock five minutes forward is always a good way of making sure that you get places earlier rather than later. While you will know deep down what time it is really, you will tend to forget that you set the time, and the natural impulse to get to your destination early will often kick in.

Get Up Early

Getting up early is an important way to start your day well and to get as much done as possible. And the best way to do this? Get an early night the night before.

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