How to Date a Model, Basic Rules You Need to Know

Everyone dreams of the opportunity to date a model. We stare at their pictures in the magazines and think about how wonderful it would be to have someone that beautiful beside you. Someone who was physically flawless and perfect and let us be real for a moment. We also think about how good we would look to others to have someone of that kind of quality beside us. How jealous we’d make everyone else.

Appearance isn’t everything but it does account for a lot. After all if you aren’t an attractive person on the outside it certainly impacts and limits your ability to date in the real world. We know that. It’s sad sometimes because some really amazing people are awesome on the inside but part of our genetic code is to seek out desirable physical attributes to pass on to the next generation. Yes, it really is all about breeding at the end of day (we are mammals after all) and we want to have attractive offspring.

Dating a Model

Dating a model isn’t as unattainable as you think it might be. The model is just a person like everyone else and there are several factors which support the plausibility that a model might actually be interested in dating you. First of all opposites attract. Models are usually very unlikely to date or marry someone from within their own industry for a reason. The industry itself is a stressful one that sells youth and beauty and a model has a limited period of time when these factors work to his or her advantage, after which he/she is required to have some kind of backup plan for a career that does not rely so heavily on personal appearance. A model will be looking for long term financial security.

There is a cost to being beautiful as well. Few people wake up looking pristine and lovely and the truth is that a professional model spends hours under lights and with makeup on which can lead to an expensive and high maintenance beauty habit in order to keep herself ready for the camera. This can include hair conditioning, waxing, laser treatments, microderm abrasion therapies, massage, personal trainers, dieticians and more. This ongoing maintenance does not come cheap and so the model while appearing to live the life of luxury is full time employed with the impossible task of looking perfect and staying that way.

The currency of attractiveness is what the model offers – the benefit of creating envy with those around you. The prestige of being with a sexy individual who everyone would simply kill to have a chance with is something that translates into a business exchange of sorts. You had better be bringing as much to the table as she is or you stand no chance in falling in love with and building a relationship with a genetically perfect individual. But if you are still convinced that you wish to date or marry a model, there are some basic rules you need to know in order to make that happen.

Cash Is King

You have to be wealthy. Have you ever seen a successful businessman in the car with a grossly unattractive woman? For the model a partner with money is a sign of status and one that is expected. She is after all exceptionally beautiful and looking for a partner who will appreciate that quality and quite frankly, is willing to pay for the privilege of having a quality woman on his arm. And successful men are more than willing to treat a gorgeous young woman like a princess. You need money (and a lot of it) to attract and retain most models.


Are you the kind of person that can help her to launch her fashion line? If all models have back up business plans will your business connections help her realize her goals? She knows she isn’t going to be able to be a model forever and so many of them branch out into similar industries such as fashion becoming scouts or launching their own modeling and training agencies. All relationships are, in many ways a business exchange too. If you can help make her dreams come true you stand a good chance of keeping her by your side.


Donald Trump aside, if you are not an attractive and fit man, your chances of recruiting a model are slim to none. Brought up in an industry where physical perfection is the norm, having an ugly boyfriend never happens to a successful model because it would also reflect badly on them and potentially impact their ability to market themselves as well. Most models remain single for a reason – it increases their sex appeal. Married models attain fewer bookings as well.

Lifestyle Habits

Models work very hard on keeping fit. It is only a myth that they live the life of luxury most of us assume they do. Breakfast in Rome and dinner in Paris, the lifestyle is actually hard and frequently exhausting. Successful international models spend a great deal of time sleeping on planes (and not always first class). They aren’t permitted to become larger and so they are constantly watching what they eat and drink and are on an extremely strict diet. If you intend to date or marry a model you will need to share some of these lifestyle habits of eating healthy, lots of rest and exercise and be committed to achieving balance. It’s a very strict life, and a model cannot afford to adopt unhealthy habits which might result in losing contracts and opportunities.

Emotional Support

Do you have the ability to satiate the ego that comes along with an attractive model? With the whole world telling her that she is incredibly beautiful you’d think that she’d have not a single care in the world. But like most talented individuals there is a dark side to the modeling industry and the stresses of remaining employed as a model can exhaust the most resilient of minds and spirits. Are you a strong person? Can you deal with mixed emotionality or vulnerabilities? Can you listen to insecurities? Can you be supportive? These are all part of the picture when you look to link up with a picture perfect partner.

At the end of the day models are just the same as everyone else in many key areas. The only difference is that they are employed and challenged with the impossible task of maintaining a perfect and youthful appearance for as long as possible. Cruelly after dedicating themselves to the shallow industry aging models are simply not called back for well paying contracts. Few models are gainfully employed after the age of thirty which makes it one of the most demanding professions arguably on the planet.

However if you are in a position to emotionally and financially support a model, think about how incredibly cute your future children will be. It probably won’t matter to you that she won’t cook or clean your house. It wasn’t her housekeeping skills that attracted you in the first place and the more energy she has at the end of day to join you on the golf course making all your friends jealous well, the better.

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  1. Hi, I have been dating a model for about a year and a half. I think this article gives terrible advice!

    Some models are shallow like you describe but only the young or stupid ones. They aren't the type of people I'd recommend dating! Flaunting cash to attract them is just as immature and will get you nowhere. Those types of model are man eaters and users. I'm guessing you were paid to write this article with no experience on the topic because I have a friend that does the same.

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