How to Enjoy Yourself at a Nightclub

Heading out to a nightclub with friends on the weekend is something that most people from ages 19-30 do pretty habitually. This is true for people who are single because let’s face it, where else can you be thrust in a room full of other singles your age? If you are looking to meet someone romantically or even expand your group of friends platonically, the best place to head is straight to a nightclub for some face to face social networking. So you gather your friends and head off to your favorite club for the night.

Going to a nightclub isn’t cheap. We all work hard for our money and most of us do live on a budget, particularly students or those who have just finished University or College. The student loans are due for some and entry level jobs hardly make anyone rich overnight. So when considering a night out at a club you really have to consider your expense versus payback. For example if the club is far away you have to factor in the cost of getting there and once you do arrive there are a bunch of other expenses to consider. Parking can run you anywhere from $10-$30 for the evening.

Cover charges for most clubs start at about $10 per person and for more elite and V.I.P. clubs (or specialty clubs such as vodka bars) this can go upwards of $25 or more. And that is all before you even get inside the door and start having fun! Let’s not forget to factor the cost of drinks or bottle service which can easily run $60-$100 or more per person. On average a night at the club can personally run you about $100 and it’s not that you are unwilling or unable to spend that kind of money for four or five hours of great entertainment. You just want to make absolutely sure you are going to have fun for your entertainment investment.

Try a New Club

Ever feel like you are seeing the same faces over and over again? Well you are if you are the type of person that likes to gather up your friends and go to your favorite club each week. Human beings are creatures of habit and so you can count on the fact that if you are doing that so too is everyone else. And if you went to the club last weekend and commented that you “never see any new people” it’s time to think about your nightclub geography.

Meeting someone you are attracted to is random probability. Statistically if you are always in the same place you have a lower likelihood of meeting interesting new people. If you have waded through the same dating pool and come up empty it’s time to pack up the pole (pardon the pun) and fish some new waters. Go online and investigate new clubs that have opened. Often time’s new clubs will offer amazing incentives to draw crowds and new regular customers such as prizes and other giveaways such “half priced drinks” before 11:00 p.m. which can save you some real money. If you aren’t sure what new place is actually good, you can also turn on your local club music radio station and see which clubs are being advertised there. It’s also a great way to hear about special promotions such as “Ladies Night” or “No Cover” incentives.

Explore Different Club Styles

Some new clubs are offering multiple tiered floors of different music and themes. The first floor of some of these “mega clubs” might be thrash and metal. The second floor might be more pop music oriented. The third might be a “mix” of everything and some even offer a vodka bar or open area rooftop patio to get away somewhere quiet for a bit of a break from the dancing and music – a “cool down” zone. This gives you the opportunity to explore different kinds of music and to move between different themes throughout the night.

Another advantage to a multiple tiered club venue is that if you do meet someone interesting you don’t have to leave the club to get to know them. You have the option of going to a quiet place to talk, laugh and exchange phone numbers and maybe even make that critical first move to the epic kiss that will have him/her calling you the next day. Multiple tier clubs are growing in popularity because they do offer the option of a quiet “getaway” without leaving the venue.

Club Games

If the nightclub you are in is running a promotion or contest, then let the games begin! If you can win a pail of free bottles of beer or a t-shirt by getting your butt up on the stage and dancing or going along with the DJ’s game of “truth or dare” you can win some pretty awesome prizes. The other side benefit is that you are going to place yourself in the spotlight which, if you are single is a great thing for your reputation and marketing being elevated to a high status by having the guts to even get up there on stage will win you some admirers for sure. Plus you’ll have a lot of fun doing it too!

Balloon Launch

An old school trick is to have one of your friends bring some balloons into the club. Since most clubs do a pocket search you may have to get creative where you choose to hide the non-inflated balloons but they are well worth the effort. Once inside head to the bathroom and inflate one or two of them. If you are single you can put your phone number and a big heart on the balloon in marker. While it might not be the best advice to give out your home phone number, use your cell phone or email address. If you are with a number of girls, put all of your Skype or email addresses on the balloons and take them down to the dance floor and launch them. On a crowded dance floor people will have fun hitting the balloons and keeping them in the air and you never know who might just come up to you and say hello, either that night or the next day by email.

Dare or Double Dare?

You know the game “Truth, Dare, Double Dare?” Let’s remove the truth component because realistically a club is not the place for confiding truths particularly when you can’t even hear each other speaking. But the dare? Pitch in for a rack of shooters and take turns daring each other. If the person completes the dare they get a free shot on behalf of the group. If they don’t then make them buy the next round of shots for everyone to “up the stakes”. And what kinds of dares are appropriate in a club for single people? The sexy kind of course. The bonus prize goes to the person who actually ends up meeting someone special because she had the courage to complete her dare.

A few ideas to switch up your game plan when heading out to a night club this weekend. Don’t be the crowd that just stands there in the club looking unimpressed and wishing they had chosen to do something else. Get creative and have fun!

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