How to Date a Rich Woman

For many years it was considered more important for a man to earn more than the woman he was dating and it was classed as a bit unusual if this was not the case. Class was always very important and if the man was earning less it may be that the woman was higher up the social scale then him. Money was considered an important factor when choosing a mate and for some woman it was the only thing they were interested in. The term gold digger for them and sugar daddy for the man they snared are often used in quite a derogatory way as it was considered that there was something cheap about showing such an interest in finances.

Sadly this will also have applied to a woman who genuinely loved a rich man. It is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with one who is poor but whereas there seems to be something virtuous about poverty there is just something tacky about wealth. More recently standards and views have changed and the idea of the woman earning more than the man is not frowned upon. A male is not made to feel less of a man if he is not able to bring home the bacon to a much bigger extent than his partner but people are more realistic. It is not even unheard of for a man to be a house husband after the birth of a child to allow the woman with the bigger salary to return to work.

The final stage now seems to be men who actively seek to date rich women. This is not so much in the form of a gigolo where it is a temporary arrangement that has benefits for both parties but a long term life time choice. For some men this will be easy as they may already move in circles where woman are wealthy or at least have a rich daddy but where do the others start?

Places to Look

• High class bars and restaurants. In a bar, as long as you have some money to last until the right woman is found, it will be easy to make one or two drinks last for some time. Drinking slowly can be an advantage as firstly a woman won’t want a drunk drooling all over her and secondly if she sees him drink in moderation it will go in his favor.

• Exclusive gyms are popular places to look and while this may mean there is a need to set aside some money for membership if you are successful it will be worth it. Some gyms offer taster sessions and if you take advantage of this there is a chance you will be lucky early on.

• Golf clubs often attract rich woman and they may just go for the social side rather than to play. If you can get access to the 19th hole than you can chat away as much as you want.

It is not only a matter of knowing where to look but what you need to look out for. Not many men will have a good knowledge of women’s fashion let alone be able to tell what is genuine and what is fake. Even if you research some of the more well-known designer labels it is no good knowing that a genuine handbag costs $2000 if you can’t tell that the one being used is a $50 fake.

What to Do Next

Once you have found the place where you think you will be successful it will be important to know how to behave and what will be considered acceptable. Wearing white always makes some one look richer!! White has never really been discussed but as long as it is before Labor Day you should be OK.

To seem important try to arrange for a phone call to be made and then you can either give loud orders to the person on the other end, or discuss a large deal that you are supposedly making and unless you go overboard there is a chance they will be impressed. If no one will help you out just call your own answer machine – no one will know. It will be a good idea to make sure you have a decent phone though.

If someone is impressed by this there is the chance to make small talk. It could be to apologize for what they heard or just to ask how they are. The next step is to ask for a date. Unless you are confident enough to admit that you don’t have any money and want to make her like you before breaking the news there will be the need to take her on an expensive first date. She will very likely be used to expensive and classy restaurants so make sure you are able to push the boat out. If she agrees to a second date you can start to cut back on the expense.

As long as you plan it well the next date can be free. A walk in the park or a trip to the beach will be fun and make her see you have a gentle side and are not the hard headed business person she will have first seen.

Dating a Rich Woman

Now you are dating, things will have to change as you can’t spend half your life – and probably half your salary – visiting expensive places and the other half not spending at all. As long as she does not feel that you have been deceptive things should work out well. There is no reason why you should not pay your share of the bills of you eat out. It is also possible to buy her gifts as you would any girlfriend. As long as you do not try, and she does not expect expensive jewelry and perfume things should be fine. A good way to find out if she really cares is to test her with the gifts. She will be just as happy to receive a $10 bottle of wine from you on your salary as she would a $500 bottle of champagne from a rich man.

Make sure that she feels a part of your life and take her to places that she would not normally go. There is no need to take her to the worst places you can think of, but rather bars and events you would normally frequent. When she sees what you are used to she will be more pleased when you do take her to somewhere a bit more special.

If you are only looking for money it will be harder than if you want to have a genuine relationship. Any rich woman will have had the gold diggers round her for years and will be able to smell the next one a mile away. Even if you are sincere don’t mention the money even in a way of saying you wished you had more so as she did not have to pay so often. It will seem that money is your primary concern and that can be off putting. It will not be easy and may take some time for both of you to be comfortable with the situation but if you are meant to be together you will find a way.


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