Breast Enhancement Basics


Breast enhancement is of course the act of having your breasts augmented in order to appear larger and firmer. This means having them filled with some substance other than the fat that would normally be there naturally in order to both pad them and make them more buoyant and stretch the skin around them more tightly.

This is achieved in several different ways and there are various different methods of breast enhancement. Knowing precisely what you are signing yourself up for before you get the breast enhancement is highly important and will help you also to decide on precisely which procedure is right for you.

Here we will have a brief overview of the subject of breast enhancement, what it entails, and what the various methods are. Throughout the course of this overview we will examine:

• Why people get breast enhancement

• The downsides and whether it’s for you

• The different types

• The recovery period

• Alternatives to surgery

Why Breast Enhancement?

There are many reasons why people will choose breast enhancement, but generally they will be cosmetic. Breasts are often considered one of the female features that men find most attractive, and so by having a pair of pert and full breasts a woman can feel confident and attractive. It is thought that men find breasts attractive because they suggest that the woman is fertile and able to provide healthy offspring and then to look after them.

Because breasts are such an important part of the female physique, many clothes depend on the woman having large or perky breasts. For instance boob tubes require the wearer to have at least a certain bust size in order for them to be held up and not fall down. Meanwhile many other tops make use of a good cleavage while others just look better for it.

Meanwhile breasts have the effect of improving the appearance of the rest of your physique. They achieve this by making other areas seem comparatively smaller. For instance if you are concerned about the size of your stomach and you think it sticks out – then by getting breast enlargement it is possible to make this look relatively flat, and particularly when underneath certain clothing.

The idea is then that a woman will feel womanly, can enjoy a better silhouette and can get away with wearing more different clothes all as a result of having a fuller pair of breasts. This will then make them feel more confident and often in some cases happier. Furthermore, it can help them to find partners both as a result of the breasts themselves and because of the new found confidence and it can even help in their careers.

Of course in some cases breast enhancement techniques will be used to repair damage that might have been done by an injury or by disease or necessary surgical procedure. In these cases the techniques are used to try and return the breasts to their previous shape and size rather than to in any way augment them – and as a result these methods are not always referred to as ‘enhancement’.

Is Breast Enhancement for You?

Breast enhancement however is not for everyone and there are also definitely downsides. The first of these is that it is an unnecessary surgical procedure which means you are putting yourself in unnecessary risk. While this is a relatively simple surgical procedure and carries little risk, this does not mean that things still cannot go wrong and there are always dangers – such as an unexpected reaction to anesthetic or infection. It will still also place a strain on your body as it is forced to work on healing the wound and adapting to the new status-quo.

Aesthetically breast enhancement is not for everyone either. While it is possible to make breasts look fuller and perkier through surgery, this does not mean that they will necessarily look natural and they certainly have a distinctive appearance that enables most people to be able to spot fake breasts when they see them. They tend to be rounder for instance, they tend to sit differently, and they do not sag as you reach old age (for some this is a bonus). Meanwhile in some cases the nipples will appear larger as they are stretched, or they will appear higher up through the same process. Other tell tale signs are that the breasts are further apart, and that there is less of a smooth gradient where the breasts begin. For some this will defeat the object of having the augmentation and will mean that they feel like they’ve ‘cheated’. In some rare cases there’s also the chance that the surgeon will make a mistake that results in the breasts not appearing how the person wants and this can result in them appearing uneven or other problems. Another issue that many have with the appearance of breast enhancements is that they can leave scars which can at times be unattractive though this depends partly on the type of augmentation.

Of course another aspect to consider is the price – and breast augmentation is a costly procedure meaning that whatever your thoughts on the process this is always a luxury to be considered carefully.

Breast Augmentation and Mental Health Issues

Perhaps the biggest issues to face when deciding whether breast enhancement is for you though are the psychological ones. If you are struggling with low self esteem issues then you might find that breast enhancement does not actually address the cause of these problems. In other cases this can even lead to identity issues as you no longer feel like ‘you’ which can make you feel even more unhappy in your own skin.

One psychological danger of any kind of cosmetic enhancement is that you begin to want more and more changes and find yourself addicted to the process and never happy with the results. This can result in body dysmorphia where you no longer have a realistic image of your own body, and that in turn can result in unwise decisions about surgery and mean you end up going through many more unnecessary procedures.

It is worth bearing in mind that studies have found that women who seek out breast augmentation are three times as likely to commit suicide as those who do not, though this is not necessary a result of the breast augmentation itself, but rather the psychological factors that lead to that enhancement. The real issue is that there is quite likely to be an underlying problem with the person’s self image that needs to be addressed.

If you are unsure as to whether you need cosmetic breast surgery then you should think long and hard about how you currently feel about your breasts, whether there is anything else you can do to make yourself happier and more confident and whether you are okay with the consequences of surgery. At the same time you need to ensure that you are doing this for the right reasons and have realistic expectations of the results. You should also consult with a surgeon prior to the procedure and they will be able to talk you through every stage and make sure you fully understand the consequences. A good surgeon will refuse patients who seem psychologically unfit for the procedures.

The Procedures

If you have thought long and hard about breast augmentation and have decided you want it, then you will next need to decide on what form of augmentation. Here there are two particularly popular forms of breast enhancement which are explained below:


Implants are perhaps the more common form of breast enhancement. These involve implanting a foreign object into the breasts as ‘fillers’ to pad these out. These implants can be placed wither directly below the skin, or can be ‘submuscular’ (which is recommended for those who already have larger breasts) and this will make some difference to the appearance. At the same time there are different types of implants that can be used, though most often silicone implants are used. While saline implants (bags filled with a mixture of salt and water) can also be effective and have their own advantages, these are more prone to aesthetic problems which can include rippling and other problems.

Perhaps the most important choice when getting implants is to consider where you want the incision and this will affect recovery time as well as the final appearance. While it is common for the incision to be on the underside of the breast which is the least invasive process, this results in visible scarring on the breasts themselves which is a turn off for many people. Conversely incisions made in the armpit or the belly button result in less visible scars, but are also more invasive and painful requiring the implant to be inserted by going through the skin beneath the sternum or around the side of the body. You should discuss all these options with your surgeon and they can help to recommend the best options for you.

Natural Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer)

Natural breast augmentation may sound like a misnomer and indeed it would be better suited to a title like ‘more natural breast augmentation’. This is a process which is more natural in the sense that it doesn’t require a foreign implant to be inserted, but rather uses your own fat cells which is intended to result in a more natural appearance. Likewise many people struggle less with identity issues as the tissue making up their breasts is this way still ‘theirs’ helping them to come to terms with the process more easily.

This fat of course is taken from the patient’s own body and that will be achieved using liposuction on an area where there is excess fat. In other words then, fat is drained from one area such as the stomach and then replaced by being reinserted into the breasts and this has the other advantage of helping to make other areas visibly thinner. At the same time this also has the benefit of meaning there is no need for a large incision to be made as no insert needs to be put in.

Of course there are downsides too however – for instance this might not have an indefinite duration as the body can burn these fat cells off for energy. Furthermore this requires the individual to have fat removed from an area and this can be tricky if the person is otherwise happy with their physique and doesn’t have lots of available fat for liposuction.


Following implant surgery you will need to give your breasts some time to recover and this process can vary in length depending on the surgeon and the individual. However as a rule recovery will take around 2 weeks during which time you will be required to wear a dressing that should be kept dry. For the first 10-12 days it is also important to rest and to avoid strenuous movements. The scars may take longer to begin to fade and may remain red for the first six weeks. You will have several follow up appointments to ensure there are no complications and that your recovery is going well. The surgery itself takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Other Methods of Breast Enhancement

Of course if you are looking for non-surgical methods of breast enhancement then there are still some options available to you and this is a highly popular topic in forums and websites and a very large industry. Here we will look at some of the alternative ways to enhance your breasts or at least enhance their appearance that don’t involve resorting to painful surgery with potential consequences. The best recommendation is to try these techniques which are psychologically and physically safer – as well as cheaper – and only then to consider surgery if these haven’t helped.


The way you dress can make a huge difference on how your breasts appear at least while you’re in clothes. Clothes that push up your breasts and draw the eye with colours and patterns will make them look larger, while push up bras will have that effect to a greater degree while also helping them appear perkier and enhancing your cleavage. Make sure you are wearing bras that are properly fitted and this will also make a big difference. Horizontal lines are also a good way to make your chest look fuller, and it’s also possible to get underwear that pulls in other parts of your body to transform your silhouette completely.


Inserts are pads that you place into your bras and these work almost exactly the same way as breast implants except without the surgery. This is also a good way to get an idea for whether or not you’d like your breasts with implants as this is roughly how they’d look when in clothes.

Creams and Pills

There are many creams and pills that are marketed to increase breast size. It’s important not to get your hopes up with these are there are no miracle cures – however if you want to try them then some can have some very minor effects over time by affecting your body’s natural production of oestrogen which is the female hormone.


Using exercises it is possible to make your breasts appear larger and to sit higher. This is possible because you strengthen the pectoral muscles underneath which are responsible for holding them in place. Use pec flies, press ups, bench presses and dips to train this area.

Weight Gain

Very few girls are lucky enough to be able to have it both ways – you can’t be a size zero and have 34DDs. If you put on some weight though then you might find that some of that is stored on your breasts and you’d be surprised that many guys are actually more attracted to women with some more curves and meat on their frame.

The Pill

Again by affecting your hormones the female contraceptive pill can sometimes result in some breast enlargement. Discuss this with your doctor first.


This isn’t the very best motivation to get pregnant – but if you’re concerned you’ll never know what it’s like to have bigger breasts then rest assured that once you’re pregnant they will be larger for at least a time.

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