Best Ideas for Second Date

The first date is a highly nerve-racking time and during this point we are trying to get to know someone while showing our best side. We know very little about who we’re meeting and at the same time we’re probably terrified that things will be awkward and that we’ll sit opposite each other for four hours not saying anything…

However if you’ve made it to the second date then chances are that this didn’t happen and that things instead went at least moderately well. This also means that you will probably have a better idea as to what the other person is like, and about what sort of activities they are likely to enjoy, and you’re probably a little less concerned about awkward silences being an issue.

Thus you can now afford to spice things up a little. There’s no longer the need to play things safe and you can instead focus on having a good time and letting them see that you have something to offer. If you select an unusual and fun date then this will show them that you are someone who is creative and interesting and will make sure they have something a bit different and memorable to remember you by.

Cinema, meals and drinks… they’ve all been done to death. Here are some different second date ideas that will give you both something fun and new to try while ensuring you have lots to talk about and you have a good time. Suggest one of these and you’re bound to impress.

Note: While all of these ideas should be fun and unusual, not all of them will be appropriate for all couples. Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know them make sure you suggest a date that you think they’ll like. Don’t embarrass them by heading outdoors if they’re not the outdoorsy type for instance and likewise don’t do anything you know you don’t excel at either.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great idea for a second date as it allows for friendly and fun competition without being too intense and aggressive. Playing tennis would be fun for instance but it would leave you both sweaty and feeling unattractive – however mini golf is slow paced allowing you to talk and also to help each other take shots which is one of the oldest and most romantic tricks in the book.


If you think your date would appreciate a scenic stroll then this is a great romantic idea – take them for an amble somewhere scenic and atmospheric such as a cliff top or a beach front – and then find a nice place to stop.


Picnic’s allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to walk anywhere or get any exercise. By being somewhere a bit concealed you’ll be able to snuggle with your date and hug on the blanket, and at the same time you can impress them with your culinary skills by preparing the perfect picnic.

Wine Tasting

This is a very unusual one that has a bit of class and that many people won’t have done. It’s a fun day out and also an excuse to get a little inebriated.

Go Karting

If you and your date are the kind who enjoy fast paced fun, then nothing will impress or get the adrenaline running like go karting. It’s a little unsociable though, so make sure you do something afterwards too so you can chat.


A night in playing poker is a great idea for a date that will have you both examining your poker faces which can be a very sensual experience. It’s also a fun way to get some friendly competition going. Of course you shouldn’t play for money which could be a cause of arguments or just plain resentment – instead make it something fun and/or sexy such as having to down shots, take of clothes, or perform massages and other tasks.


Offering your date a massage round yours or theirs is a highly intimate idea for a date that means you will be touching each other and that will give you an excuse to see them topless (even if they do just lie on their front). Meanwhile few of us are going to turn down a free massage so you’re practically guaranteed to get a yes.


This isn’t the most original of ideas, but it’s popular for a reason. Another great casual sport that will have you both active while still being able to chat. Other similar ideas could be pool or snooker, or even something more unusual such as crochet.

Ice Skating

If you can ice skate well then this is a great opportunity to show off, and of course to get your date to hold your hand. It’s also something most of us don’t do often which makes it an appealing prospect.


  1. You suggest drinking and massaging each other this soon in the game on a health website? There is no hope.

  2. Massage?! That is FAR too intimate for a second date! And bowling? When do you talk? You take alternating turns… This list needs work. And I hate to say it, but movies, theatre, dinner… some things are oldies but goodies for a reason.

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