It’s True: Women Prefer Tall Guys

Tall guys have all the luck – they’re statistically more likely to have high paid jobs, to breeze through interviews, to be more confident, to become athletes in basketball or the high jump and they’re even more likely to get the girls. It’s true – in countless studies and surveys women have been shown to rate taller guys as more attractive.

Why Women Like Tall Guys

There are many reasons for this – of course many taller guys will appear more able to look after their women and better able to provide for them with their long reach. At the same time because we are normally limited to dating girls shorter than us (or at most the same height) this simply means that there is a larger percentage of the female population that tall guys can date. They’ll easily get all the tall girls that have been desperately looking for someone who isn’t intimidated by their height. Lastly there’s probably something in the fact that tall guys are big… and that this is expected to carry over into other areas of the anatomy. For a guy to fulfil the image of the ‘tall, dark, stranger’, he really does need to be tall…

What Can You Do About It?

So the question is – what can you do if you’re not one of the lucky six foot high club? How is a guy who’s more vertically challenged supposed to compete? Well there are several things you can do which we will look at here:

Work Out

First off, working out is a great way to compensate for your shorter stature. This way what you lack in height you will be able to make up for with width, and what you lack in reach you’ll make up for with brute strength. It will also make you just appear taller.

Wear Stripes

Wearing vertical stripes on your clothes, tight fitting trousers and a skinny tie are all things that will marginally increase the illusion of height. Anything slim and long in other words that forces people to look up and down your body rather than left and right.

Walk Upright

Simply improving your posture is a great way to improve your height and to make yourself appear generally bigger – not to mention more confident.

Gel Your Hair

Giving yourself a spiky do is another way to make yourself appear taller. It’s pretty insubstantial as strategies go, but seeing you from across a room no girl is likely to notice that it’s just your hair that’s giving you the extra inch.

Tall Shoes

Shoes with a bit of a heal or a slight raise sole can make you a good inch or two taller. Just spend a little more time picking them out.


In addition to that if you want to give yourself a real lift then it is possible to purchase insoles for shoes that are designed to give you a height boost. Combining these with the taller shoes is actually enough in many cases to make someone average in height into someone who looks quite tall.


  1. What a load of bull this article is. Aimed to boost tall guys egos and sell goodies to shorter men. You must be one of those tall guys who's been in a gym shower and noticed that most short guys have larger anatomy than you 6 footers. Height has no bearing on the size of a man's anatomy in the pants. Imagine all those poor women who go with the tall guy for the dong when all there getting is the ding… lol

  2. Tall guys are sooo hot. Nothing beats the feeling of a tall guy hugging you wrapping his arms round you while you rest against his chest. Who wants a small bf?

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