Lip Care During Winter

Keeping your lips soft, smooth and full of colour is an important way to make sure that you look your best and even that you kiss your best.

However while lip care is important all year around, it is particularly important during the winter when it is easy for our lips to dry out and become chapped. This can then lead to bleeding and peeling which is just not attractive and which can also lead to infection, discomfort and other problems. The lips have just a thin outer layer of skin so it is easy for this to break, and they further have fewer oil producing glands to keep them nicely moist.

So how do you go about making sure that your lips don’t dry out during winter? Fortunately there are several things you can do and none of them take very long or require much effort. Here we will look at a few things you can do:


Moisturising your lips is most important during winter and this is a great way to ensure that the skin on your lips has enough oil and moisture to prevent cracking, while meanwhile. You can achieve this with a range of different products such as Vaseline, lip balm or chapstick. Carry one on you and make it a regular habit to apply it when you feel your lips drying out. This will also give them an attractive sheen. For women who wear lipstick regularly, it is possible to buy lipsticks that are moisturising and that protect the skin, so look for these when choosing your preferred brand. If you should cut or break your lip, then apply a cream that has vitamin E in it to encourage the lips to heal.

Maintain a Good Diet and Health Regime

Things like your lips are an indicator of general overall health and if you take lengths to make yourself as healthy as possible then this will cause your lips to be as healthy as possible too. A low immune system can lead to a range of problems such as cold sores rearing their ugly heads, while a lack of healthy oils, vitamins and minerals can result in dry and cracked skin.

Don’t Keep Licking Your Lips

If your lips feel try then it is a natural reaction to lick them. However this isn’t the kind of moisture your skin is craving and actually this will cause your lips to dry out further. Try to kick this habit and to use balms and moisturisers instead. Likewise try to avoid biting your lips which is a common way to cause a bleeding lip.

Remove Lipstick Before Bed

Make sure that before you head to bed that you remove all lipstick using a good makeup remover. You can also apply a thin layer of ghee on the lips which will act over night.

Use Tea Bags

If you are struggling still with dry lips, then you can try an old home remedy which is to press a tea bag against your mouth for three to four minutes which is believed to increase the moisture levels.

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