What Hands Say About Your Health

Many people think of the body as many separate parts that are in no way connected and that need to be individually maintained and cared for. We have internal organs for instance and looking after these surely cannot have any major impact on the limbs or on the hair? So someone could have a bad diet for instance then and still have perfectly healthy skin and there would be no way for anyone to tell whether we smoked or not by looking at our fingers?

Well actually no, while this is a widely held belief it is in fact a fallacy that fails to understand the holistic nature of the body – and any health expert or doctor will tell you that looking at your eyes, your hair, your skin or your teeth can tell you a huge amount about your internal organs, your lifestyle and your general health. You see the body is designed in an ingenious way that means it operates as an interdependent network. Every aspect of the body affects every other aspect of the body, and by looking at limbs, hands, hair and teeth we can tell a lot more about that person’s overall health.

Here we will take the hands as an example and show you how your hands betray your health and lifestyle habits. This will remind you just how important it is that you look after your general health, and also allow you to play Sherlock Holmes and learn about the health of your friends and family by looking at their hands.


Looking at someone hands can first of all tell you a little bit about their circulation and that in turn can suggest things about their heart and about their blood pressure. If their hands are a good temperature then this might suggest that they have good circulation. However if the fingers look blueish and feel cold to touch, then this would suggest that they have a poor circulation and maybe low blood pressure. This is often the case in elderly individuals. At the same time if someone’s hands are very red and hot this might suggest that they have a very fast metabolism, or high blood pressure which causes the blood to rise to the skin and create a flushed color. If the redness is blotchy then this is further a sign of high blood pressure as it means the blood is not being evenly distributed around the body.


Hands can of course tell you whether or not someone smokes cigarettes as the yellow filters can stain your fingertips permanently over time. Yellow fingers then will suggest a smoker.


If someone’s hands are shaky this can be a sign of many things. It might for instance be damage to the motor centers of the brain caused by something like Parkinson’s disease. Alternatively it might suggest low body sugar or anxiety. The hands will often be the first part of the body to tremble, so that’s where to look to spot any of these problems.


Your nails are made mostly from calcium and thus they are also a good indicator of how much calcium you are getting. Look for small marks and imperfections on the nails and these will indicate a deficiency of calcium in the diet.


Testosterone is the male hormone, and if you have an abundance of it this will cause symptoms such as a deep voice, drive and confidence, and a high libido. In men testosterone is higher than in women but it still varies. One good indicator of how much testosterone someone has is how hairy they are, and the backs of the hands and the tops of the fingers are a good place to look for this.

At the same time your fingers have also been suggested to indicate an abundance or a lack of testosterone – if you look at your ring finger and compare this in length to your index finger, the difference in length is purported to correlate with your amount of testosterone – the bigger the gap the more testosterone that person has. Of course this is a slightly difficult thing to check out when someone is sitting across the table from you.


Again because your hands are extremities this means they are exposed to the most amount of weathering and get the least amount of nutrients and blood. Thus this is the place to look if you want to find a deficiency in anything. One example here is that the fingers can tell you if someone is lacking moisture and particularly the knuckles. If they seem white and covered in try skin then this will suggest someone who has a lack of moisture in their skin which can come from a lack of oily foods in the diet (such as essential acids) or from a prolonged exposure to cold or dry environments. If you have dry hands then you can overcome this problem with a moisturizing cream, or by using a supplement such as cod liver oil or omega 3.


Arthritis is a health problem that affects a lot of people and especially in older age. While any joint in the body can get arthritis it is perhaps most common in the wrists and fingers and this means that you can spot if someone has this problem by looking at their hands – look for the fingers curling around inwards and this will likely suggest they suffer from arthritis.

Immune System

Something you can tell from most parts of the body is how effective their immune system is. Look for scars and cuts and see how long they take to heal this far away from the heart. If they take a long time or scar when they really shouldn’t then this might suggest a weakened immune system which itself can be a result of the body being under stress or of another illness.


You can also tell what someone does often by their hands and this in turn can imply more about their general health. For instance if someone’s hands are covered in tough skin and calluses then this will suggest that they do a lot of manual work that causes the skin to harden over time. If someone does manual work then this will likely suggest they get a lot of exercise and exposure to the sun and this can in turn mean that they are likely to be relatively fit (though it doesn’t always follow). Exposure to the sun can also be indicated by tanning on the hands as these are very rarely covered. You can inspect the hands in order to estimate body fat percentage by looking at the wrists where fat will often collect, or muscle strength by looking at the muscles by the thumbs. If the hands are long and slender then it is likely that the person will be too.

Health Care

Finally someone’s hands can tell you how much thought and care they put into their health in general. If their hands are grubby and dirty looking and they do not seem to have made any effort to look after them then that will suggest that they are not terribly concerned with their health or appearance overall and they probably treat other aspects of their health in a similar way. However if their hands are moisturized and they have taken the time to tend to their cuticles and file their nails, then they are probably the sort of person who takes a lot of time and care in their appearance – they’ll like take health supplements and moisturize/exfoliate etc. Either that or they work as a hand model…

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