Nighttime Heartburn Relief

Heartburn is something that some people experience some time in their lives. This condition is aptly named due to its most obvious symptom, the burning sensation around the heart area. The burning appears to stay there, from the base of your stomach up to the throat.

OTC (over the counter) products can give you relief temporarily and because there are many products in the market, sufferers may try many of them before getting the one that suits them. Nighttime heartburn can cause many sleepless night as people tend to shift sleeping positions continuously to get some relief.

Many lifestyles can contribute to this condition, like constantly eating spicy and processed foods. On other individuals diabetes and obesity are contributing factors as well. No matter how people get heartburn, nighttime heartburn is likely to happen.

On the area between the esophagus and the stomach, there is a small valve. In some people, the valve stays open after food passes through, because the muscle that controls it weakens. As the result, when the food is digested in the stomach, some amount of acid enters the esophagus through the open valve, causing acid burns. This is the cause of burning sensation people feel on their throat. After prolonged exposure to acid, the condition can cause severe pain and even cancer.

What Won’t Help Nighttime Heartburn?

Many people over-indulge at dinner with friends as a way to make them feel relax or entertained after a stressful day. Unfortunately, if you have heartburn, this can cause nighttime heartburn. Wine and spicy foods, two things that people often take at night, are risk factors for nighttime heartburn. You should eat moderately at night, simply to remove the sensation of hunger and no more. Eat 2 hours before bedtime to allow the meal to enter the intestine and your stomach is empty. Doctors often recommend you to eat five or six smaller meals than three large ones. This is intended to make the stomach works less intensely, as the result, less acid is released. You won’t be hungry because you still have the same amount of food.

When the acid travels more easily in your esophagus, other problems such as ulcer can happen, a separate health problem that you don’t need to have. If your sleep and quality of life are already affected by nighttime heartburn, you should look for ways to improve your condition.

Contemporary Treatment for Nighttime Heartburn

People with chronic heartburn should already get a proper medical assistance. The doctor will determine your problem and a surgical procedure could be needed. At this moment, keyhole method is a favored non-intrusive method and it is often effective to treat the condition. People with nighttime heartburn can buy some dependable OTC medications on the market, but on some people, they may not work effectively. If so, your doctor can prescribe a more effective treatment plan for your specific condition. However, a prescribed medication is still not guaranteed to work, so you need to see the doctor to ask for adjustment in treatment.

Protonix is specifically developed to help people with nighttime heartburn and doctors have prescribed Protonix in recent years. Protonix is already approved by the FDA as the treatment for nighttime heartburn. It is proven to significantly improve the sleep quality on many people who have sleep disorders caused by heartburn, as the result quality of life and productive are relatively unaffected by the condition. This medication is a sustained release drug, which can more effectively treat heartburn that happens through the night. This medication lends its success in treating nighttime heartburn to the reduction of stomach acid, thereby minimizing the discomfort and other related symptoms.

As with other FDA-approved drugs, Protonix comes with a number of side effects, including chest tightness, vomiting, hives and diarrhea. After several days of treatment, the side effects often dissipate along with noticeable improvements in symptoms. If the patients experience painful or abnormal symptoms, such irregular heartbeat, confusion and lethargy, it is necessary to talk with the healthcare professional as they could be more serious side effects of Protonix.

The Protonix dosage for treating nighttime heartburn is usually one tablet a day, ranging from 10 to 40 mg, taken in the evening. The dosing of Protonix is determined by the visible symptoms such as the degree of sleep deprivation, severity of heartburn symptoms and overall health condition of the patient. It is necessary to note that Protonix is not indicated on people with pre-existing cardiovascular complications.

When suffering from acid reflux or heartburn, especially if the symptoms cause sleep deprivation, you should consult your doctor to know whether Protonix can help you.

Alternative Treatment for Nighttime Heartburn

Medication alone often can treat nighttime heartburn. Patients should make changes on the diet, for example, by adjusting the meal sizes, changing the schedule and splitting larger meals to smaller ones. This is an important component in the treatment plan as you can limit the acid production.

When exercising, you shouldn’t choose those that can aggravate your conditions. Water aerobics and yoga won’t put too much stress on your body. Body posture also has effects on the incidence of nighttime heartburn. For example, in a prone position acid can flow more easily to the esophagus and cause discomforts. It is recommended to sleep with extra pillow to make sure your head is slightly higher than the stomach, to avoid leaked acid from pooling on the esophagus.

These are some home remedies that often can help people with nighttime heartburn:


Slice fresh pumpkin, sprinkle some ground cinnamon and bake it. When eaten before bedtime, it can reduce symptoms of nighttime heartburn. You could also mix pumpkin with some apples, spice them with some honey and cinnamon for an exceptionally delicious home remedy.


Put a stick of cinnamon on the boiling water (a cup of water) and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Drink it before you go to sleep. An easier alternative is to buy cinnamon tea and make sure it doesn’t contain black tea. Black tea is another risk factor of heartburn.


If you begin to feel symptoms of nighttime heartburn, you should have a cup of yogurt. A good yogurt should still have live cultures in it.


Fresh papaya can give you the most benefit as papain can minimize indigestion. You can also make a glass of papaya juice, add a few pinches and some honey to limit stomach acid activity. Papaya contains natural estrogen, which means pregnant women shouldn’t eat too much papaya as it may cause miscarriage.

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