How to Clean Dog Urine

However well trained your dog is, from time to time they will still tend to have accidents and urinate on the carpet and this is of course an unfortunate and unpleasant occurrence and is liable to stain the floor while being very unhygienic and even pungent.

Dealing with the issue as quickly as possible is the most important aspect here and fortunately it is very easy to clean in the majority of cases. Here we will look at a quick step by step guide on how to clean up dog urine.

1. Wet the Area

The first thing to do is to wet the area with some water. This can be using a wet cloth which you can press onto the area and that will help to dilute the urine and take away some of the colour and smell to prevent your carpet from staining as badly as it might otherwise.

2. Soak

Next you need to soak up that water and this should bring out the urine and the water and absorb it into some tissue. For this you can use a dry jay cloth, or alternatively a form of kitchen towel. You may need to rip off a few squares or ring out the cloth a few times to get all of the patch.

3. Disinfect

Now the area should be relatively clean though slightly darker than the rest of the carpet. From here use a disinfectant spray in order to kill off any bacteria that might be remaining on the carpet and prevent any illnesses or disease spreading. If you have looked after your dog well then there shouldn’t really be much to worry about on this front.

4. Mark

Lastly you’ll probably just want to mark the area as damp by laying down a cloth or something. This will prevent people walking on the wet carpet and ruining it and it will prevent people from lying down on the disinfectant spray. After a few hours you can remove the cloth and return to normal.

If it Stains

If your carpet does stain as a result of the urine then you can try using a carpet cleaning product designed for clearing up stains and there are many different brands that are variably effective. Failing this you might wish to get your carpet professionally cleaned which will bring out any discolouration or staining where possible.

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