Dog Hygiene Basics

If you have recently bought yourself a dog then you are likely currently blown away by the joy of having your own canine companion – of having a furry friend to come home to every day who is always happy to see you and who is always ready to play or go for walks.

There are many great things about having dogs, but unfortunately hygiene is not one of them, and this is a slight sacrifice you must make if you are going to enjoy keeping these pets. Dogs aren’t hygienic, they will urinate on your carpet from time to time, and they do bring things in from the garden.

This needn’t be a problem though, as long as you know how to act around them and how to ensure that you are as hygienic as possible in your interactions with your pups. Here we will look at some dog hygiene basics and how to avoid letting your dog spread illnesses.

Worm Your Dog

An important first step is to worm your dog regularly and this will make your dog much safer to be around. If your dog has worms then touching their manure or even just their rear can cause the worms to get into your body or even into your eye where they can cause blindness. At the same time if you notice your dog has a very ‘pooey bum’ then you should wipe it with a tissue and then wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. When picking your dog poo up on walks, make sure that you use special dog poo bags as these are both scented and antibacterial.

Don’t Let it Lick Your Mouth

A dog’s saliva is somewhat antibacterial and will actually kill off some germs. This is partly why dogs are able to eat food off the floor and why it’s good for them to lick their wounds. However at the same time they are also prone to eating things off of the floor such as dead animals and manure, and if they lick you in the face then there’s no guarantee that that’s not where they’ve just come from and that they’re not spreading those germs onto your face.

Don’t Touch Your Face

If you’ve been stroking your dog then don’t touch your face or your food directly with your hand until you have washed. This is important because dogs have a habit of rolling in fox dung and on top of dead animals (in order to mask their scent). This then means that if you stroke them and touch your face you can otherwise spread the germs. This also means no feeding the dog at the table and it certainly means you shouldn’t kiss your dog.

Wash Your Dog Regularly

Washing your dog regularly is a good way to take care of a lot of these different problems. As soon as you notice your dog starting smell you should do this as a good way to remove any potential problems – and you should also look out for signs of your dog rolling while you are on walks. When you wash your dog then make sure as well to check for things like fleas or ticks which can otherwise be transferred to humans. Use a fine comb and a specialist product to achieve this.

Clean Your Dog’s Bed Regularly

Just as you should wash your dog regularly you should also wash their bed clothes, toys and anything else they use regularly. This is particularly important for fighting fleas as it will prevent them from getting into your dog’s bedding and then reattaching your dog straight after they’ve been washed.

Feed Your Dog Well

Feeding your dog well will boost its immune system and its general health and make it much more capable of fighting off infections and viruses. A healthier dog will then mean they are less likely to spread disease to you or your family.


  1. You shouldn't advise people to wash their dogs "regularly" just because they "start to smell." There are a lot of breeds that shouldn't be washed even once a month because it dries out their skin and coat, and for those dogs, wipes are a great solution. Then again, there are certain breeds that need to be groomed regularly. You should be more specific with your guidance. Also, what about cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth? Any veterinarian will tell you how important oral hygiene is… even for our four-legged friends!

  2. It was very informative and straight to the point. Thank you!

  3. I feel as if there are more points you could have added. Also, though humor makes it easier to read, it should have been more factual.

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