Natural Ways to Increase Energy

In the present world, many people find themselves exhausted due to the numerous activities that they have to attend to before the end of the day.

The intake of caffeine, nicotine or drugs to boost energy has dangerous side effects for the bodies and health status of the people opting for the latter. That is why natural methods of boosting energy are recommended for improving one’s health without any harm to the body. The following natural methods will help boost the energy levels in the body without harm to one’s health.


We should watch the food we consume carefully since the food that we eat contributes highly to the energy levels in the body. A proper food diet leads to healthy energy levels at all time. Contrary to the myth that sugary food increases body energy, the food that we eat should contain low-sugar levels as they cause energy fluctuations that make the body feel exhausted and burned out. One should ensure that they eat a balanced diet on a regular basis with an increased iron intake since iron deficiency results in chronic fatigue.

Eating smaller quantities frequently allows the body to digest most of the food hence keeping a regular boost in the body energy levels. A snack can boost the energy level when taken in between meals. However it should be a healthy snack which should not replace a main meal like breakfast, lunch or supper. The largest meal should be had at lunch time since it is the time when the body is most active. Drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated and it advised to drink at least eight glasses a day. This helps to prevent dehydration which leads to exhaustion.

Some foods contain brain provoking attributes. Eating fish and green leafy vegetables and other proteins help to combat fatigue and increase brain energy. Whole grains have healthy carbohydrates that provide energy that lasts, as opposed to coffee intake; which provides a short boost followed with exhaustion. Fresh juice and fiber intake also aid in the digestion system and provide sustainable energy.


Many people are too busy to take some time off and engage in some physical exercise, yet this is the most recommended strategy to boost energy in the body. It does not have to be exhausting physical exercise since it can result in a loss of energy, thus; it is advisable to begin with stretching. This helps to maintain a constant supply of blood in the brain thus increasing energy levels in the body. Stretching in the morning helps to shake sleep and introduces a fresh mood for the day.

Physical exercise should be kept gradual as one should not engage in too much or too little of it. For example one should begin with less strenuous exercises such as a walk, and then proceed with a slow jog, then to a gradual run before they can do a marathon. Competitive sports boost energy by triggering mental energy. Taking walks after lunch also increases the body metabolism hence increasing the energy levels in the body.


Most people have daily schedules that drain the energy out of their bodies that they find hard to change since they develop into permanent habits. You should adapt habits that help boost your energy levels instead of draining them.

Many people wake up late due to exhaustion from the previous day and this should change. You should try to make a habit of taking a bath or shower as soon as you wake up to feel an instant relief from the sluggish feeling of sleep. You should also try to develop a habit of always waking up early enough to have breakfast as it will give you an energetic jumpstart to your day. Taking deep breaths when you feel exhausted will add oxygen levels into the blood stream.

Keeping a workable and manageable schedule helps to save energy. Do not fill your day with more than you can handle. Good time management habits increase efficiency in work hence giving someone time to relax. Taking up a hobby also helps to increase body energy since the body will delight in doing something it loves as opposed to obligations all the time. It gives the body a chance to look forward to something hence increasing the energy the energy levels voluntarily.

Reducing the intake of drugs also helps in boosting energy levels. Smoking and alcohol intake results into dehydration and as such drains energy from the body. Drinking lots of water instead of alcohol maintains moisture in the body and helps retain the body energy required. Eating three meals per day, gives people lasting energy on a regular basis. One should avoid strenuous activity and late-night TV watching since the body should be resting and regaining energy for the next day.


Most people believe that energy can only be generated when one is active which is wrong. Sleeping is essential to the body since the body takes that time to recover from all the exhaustion it has been through in the course of the day. We should improve the quality of sleep with a soothing activity such as reading a book before sleeping instead of sleeping due to exhaustion. Make sure that your sleeping area is comfortable, free from noise and disturbance. To be able to wake up energized and fresh, people should not sleep too late in the night.

Afternoon naps can be revitalizing, but they should be done early enough so that they do not interfere with the normal sleeping time. Alcohol intake before sleep should be avoided at all times since it causes dehydration and fatigue. Sleep with the lights off to trigger sleep hormones and avoid fatigue caused by the glare from light bulbs.

Emotional Boosters

Most of us fall into the trap of exhaustion because we think about the things we have to do hence exhausting the brain. We should stop this behavior and do things that improve our energy by clearing our minds. This is achievable by focusing on things that we can look forward to. This keeps the body motivated instead of exhausted. Spend more time working on fixing problems instead of worrying about how to fix them.

Avoid complaining about things and learn to see the positive side of them instead. Complaining puts a strain on the brain hence draining energy from it. Talking to energetic people instead of sluggish ones or keeping to one’s self also boosts ones energy. Make sure you start your day with a boost. Wearing something that is comfortable and looks good makes you feel confident. Stay stress free at all times by doing things in time and letting out bottled up emotional feelings that can be draining.

The Environment

Our surroundings can be depressing or energizing depending on where we are. That is why we should ensure that the environment has positive attributes that favor our physical and emotional well-being. Cleaning up around the areas we live gives a fresh feeling and boosts our energy. Ensure that you leave the house and get some sunshine, to reduce the dull feeling of staying indoors all day. Listening to relaxing music is also advisable as it stimulates the mind while relaxing at the same time.

Collective adoption of all the above strategies helps to reduce the fatigue we put ourselves through in our lives. Boosting energy levels is important as it helps us to avoid stress and thus feel happier on a regular basis.

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