How to Make Eye Whites Whiter

When people talk about a person with amazing eyes, they are most often referring to their irises being deep blue, dark brown or stunning green; they are not generally talking about the whites around the eyes which serve as the backdrop.

However this is in fact an oversight, as actually having very white eyes is a good way to make your yes more noticeable and attractive and to make them look bigger too. This is also a look that will make you appear ‘wide eyed’ and healthier and more awake. Here we will look at how to achieve white looking eyes through various methods.

Using Makeup

If you’re a girl then a great way to make your eyes look whiter and create more of an impact is to create a darker outline/eyelid. This works in just the same way as you can make your teeth look whiter with a dark lipstick as it enhances the contrast. To make your eyes look larger though, and to draw more attention to them, you may alternatively wish to use a white eyeliner. Another strategy that can work wonders is to slightly tan your skin using a self tanning moisturizer or a foundation that is a shade darker than your usual skin tone.

Using Contacts

Contacts can also artificially make your eyes look whiter – and say you use a colored contact to make your pupils look darker brown – this will again increase the contrast and make the surrounds appear whiter.

Through Diet

There’s a reason that white eyes make you look lively and healthy – and that’s simply because often they do reflect good health and nutrition. If you aren’t eating enough of the right things then that will in turn be reflected in your eyes. So avoid any toxins that are bad for you such as alcohol or nicotine, and make sure you get lots of calcium and vitamin C in particular.

Eye Drops

There are many eye drops designed specifically to increase the whiteness of eyes and many of these can work well. Otherwise just using standard eye drops can help to prevent dry eye which can make your eyes look red otherwise.

Drinking Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water can help to clear your body of toxins as well as to help you to produce tears that will prevent dry eye and redness.


Sleeping is one of the most important ways to make sure your eyes look white and healthy – and a lack of sleep is one of the quickest ways to make them look duller or blood-shot. If you’re over-tired or over-worked, then relaxing and having a long sleep is one of the easiest ways to restore them to their full vibrancy.


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