Bleaching Hair at Home

If you want to try a new look that will be visually striking and mark a real departure from your old appearance, then there are few better ways to do this than bleaching your hair blonde to create an almost white/platinum look. This is something easy and cheap that anyone can do, and it can be done at home. Here we’ll go over the procedure so that you can start rocking the look.

What You Will Need

First of all you’ll need a helpful volunteer as they can help you a lot with the process. You’ll also need:

• 30 to 40 volume peroxide

• Blonde powder bleach – don’t try using household bleaches intended for cleaning the sink if you want good results; use professional bleach designed for this purpose.

• A plastic bowl

• Gloves

• Applicator brush

• Foil

• Shampoo and conditioner

Before You Begin

Before you begin make sure that you haven’t bleached or colored your hair for at least 4 weeks prior to today’s attempt. If you have, then bleaching it again can cause it to become over processed and thus damage it. You should also make sure you have lots of towels and generally somewhere it won’t matter if you make a mess.

Another good step to take before bleaching is to use conditioner in your hair and to leave this in for 30 minutes the night before. This will help soften up your hair ready for the process. Before you begin the bleaching process on the day – make sure your hair is completely dry and free of products such as gels or hairspray.

Bleaching Hair at Home

1) Mix the bleach with the peroxide in a bowl.

2) Section your hair off starting from the back – do this by using the foil to separate layers on top of the rest of your hair.

3) Now use the applicator brush in order to brush the bleach into the hair starting one centimeter from the roots and brushing all the way down. Leave the foil whilst this sets.

4) Now repeat the process sectioning off more pieces of hair and applying the bleach.

5) After you’ve covered the rest of the hair start applying to the roots. Apply and leave until they become white blonde and the rest of the hair has become white-blonde. This takes around 30-45 minutes maximum.

6) Now remove the foil and then wash your hair under warm water using any kind of shampoo. Massage the scalp and be thorough to remove all bleach. Make sure you keep your eyes closed to avoid getting any bleach in your eyes.

7) If you aren’t happy with your bleach-look and find it has orange or ‘brassy patches’ then don’t worry. Now use blonde toner or purple conditioner in order to neutralize any bronze parts. Leave the conditioner in for 30 minutes and then wash. Alternatively you can forgo this process and instead just bleach the missed parts the next day. What you mustn’t do is to immediately dye it brown in an attempt to undo the bleaching – this will only damage the hair.

8) Allow the hair to dry naturally. Do not straighten or blow-dry it subsequently for 12 hours after bleaching or you may risk breaking the hair.

9) You may also want to apply serum or leave-in treatment to help repair the hair.

10) To keep your newly bleached-blonde hair you will need to bleach ever 4-5 weeks.


  1. I have brown hair, and I want to dye the tips of my hair blue, how do I bleach the tips before dying the tips blue?

  2. Can you use bleach that wash white clothes???

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