Cloudy Urine Causes

They say that the eyes are the window into the soul… and if that’s true then in some ways you could consider the urine a window into our general health which is why urine samples are so often used as part of a way to diagnose medical conditions. It’s also why many of us, when noticing that our urine does not appear completely normal, will be concerned that we perhaps are suffering from something more serious.

One of the most common ways that urine can deviate from the norm is when it becomes cloudy. Here we will look at some possible causes of this to help you ascertain whether this is something you should be worried about and whether you need medical attention.


Dehydration is one of the most common causes for cloudy looking urine. Generally this is nothing to concern yourself with and it just means that you need to increase your intake of fluids to see if this helps your urine regain its clear consistency. If not then you should look out for other causes of dehydration as this can be a symptom of other conditions.


Medication is often a trigger for cloudy urine. If you have recently begun a new course of medication then check whether this is listed among the symptoms and consult with your doctor.

Kidneys Malfunction

The kidneys filter particulates out of the urine and so if they have ceased functioning properly due to a kidney infection or a condition such as Goodman’s disease this can result in a more cloudy appearance for the urine. Another kidney condition that can cause this is kidney stones which are made up of minerals and which can therefore release minerals into the urine causing it to cloud up.

Urinary Tract Infections

There are many different urinary tract infections which can occur for a number of reasons. Generally these require quick medical attention, so you should see a doctor. Other signs of urinary tract infection are burning during urination, a constant need to urinate or difficulty urinating.


An STI is a Sexually Transmitted Disease and this can cause discharge that results in cloudy urine as well as leading to urinary tract infections.


Some ‘water soluble’ vitamins can show up in your urine. These include vitamin C and B among others. If you’ve just started taking a new vitamin supplement, or have been eating higher-than-normal quantities of fruit then this might be what you’re experiencing.


Diabetes can also cause cloudy urination in some cases. It also results in more frequent urination as the body attempts to ‘flush out’ excess sugar in the system and unquenchable thirst as a result of this. Other indicators are low energy, and tingling in the extremities which is a result of nerve damage caused by the sugar.


During pregnancy some mothers experience cloudy urine as their body flushes out more nutrients and compounds. This should stop once your pregnancy has ended. ‘Pre-eclampsia’ is a condition in which hypertension arises during pregnancy and is associated with high amounts of protein in the urine.

Other Conditions

Cloudy urine can less commonly be caused by other conditions such as heart disease. These as well as kidney disease, STIs and diabetes listed above can all be dangerous and potentially life threatening conditions – so it is important that you seek medical attention if there is no obvious cause for the problem and if you are experiencing other symptoms.

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