Throat Obstruction Home Remedies

Causes of Throat Obstruction

There are a number of reasons why people experience throat obstruction. In fact, the sensation that something is stuck in the throat is rarely a serious condition. One of the most common causes of this sensation is a viral or bacterial infection. Our throat has plenty of lymphatic nodes, small glands that can help prevent infection. When your throat is infected, lymph nodes will become larger as they struggle to defeat the infection.

• If you feel that you have problem swallowing, then there could be a definite obstruction inside your throat, however it may also represent something else. This could be caused by thyroid enlargement. When thyroid produces too much hormones, the gland may grow too large, which can press on your throat and obstruct your oesophagus.

• If you don’t feel any pain, but can visibly see a lump on your neck and throat, you should see the doctor immediately, as you may have something more serious.

• If you have trouble breathing, you should find help, as in more severe cases, this condition can be fatal.

Symptoms of Throat Obstruction

This condition can be the symptom of a nearly negligible health condition or a very serious one. The “frog in your throat” may only be an excess of mucous in your throat that need clearing. It may also be an irritation, which is a sign of developing viral or bacterial infection, if this is the case, a sore throat will surely follow. Even in a mild case, throat obstruction may have an impact on your normal life, as you have problem speaking or swallowing. When the obstruction is caused by a tumor, the condition won’t be alleviated after performing common treatments and you realize that you have tumor, only after you see a doctor.

When You Should Seek Medical Help

Immediately seek medical help if these circumstances apply:

• You have problem breathing properly due to the obstruction

• It’s very difficult to swallow or drink

• You can see the growth on your neck but don’t feel any pain or have symptoms of infection

• Your throat infection won’t go away after one week of treatment, for example, you’ve taken antibiotics but continue to experience symptoms

In many cases, throat obstructions or lumps in the throat are harmless as it’s your natural response when experiencing an infection. However, in more serious cases, this could be a sign of a more serious disease.

Throat Obstruction Home Remedies

Herbs. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) can relieve pain in your throat and more importantly reduce swelling, an effective dose is about 380 mg per day. If you need a natural demulcent, Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) can improve irritated tissues in your throat and promotes their healing. A safe and effective dose is about 60 mg per day. You can use marshmallow (Althea officianalis) both as an emollient (a soothing agent) and a demulcent. When making a marshmallow tea, put about 5 grams of dried marshmallow leaves or threat in one cup of boiling water.

Other herbs that can help you swallow more easily are linden flowers (Tilia cordata), skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), John’s wort (Hypericum performatum), wild yam (Dioscorea vilosca) and valerian (valeriana Officianalis). If your swallowing problem is accompanied by indigestion and bloating, you should use carbo vegetabilis. Lachesis is effective if your throat is painful to the touch.

Tonsil Enlargement

• Throat obstruction can be caused by the tonsil enlargement. When lymph nodes are inflamed they can swell causing discomfort and pain. Tonsilitis is a common ailment that is caused by inflamed tonsils. Some home remedies can help you to treat tonsillitis, however if the condition continue to persist after 1-2 weeks, you should see a doctor.

Humidifier. A humidifier in your room can help to reduce pain caused by swollen tonsils. The machine can increase the air humidity, which can make you breathe and swallow more easily as it prevents the tonsil from getting too dry. You should replace the water before bedtime and clean the machine once a week, for example during the weekend.

Gargling. Every 3 hours you should gargle saltwater to reduce tonsil swelling and discomfort. The water should be warm, a common dose is ½ teaspoon of salt mixed with 8-ounce of water. Gargle for about 10 seconds and then spit it out. Do this for five times for the best effect.

Rest your throat. It can reduce your swelling and cure irritation. To reduce discomfort, you should avoid eating solid foods and talking. Talking too much while having tonsil inflammation can cause laryngitis, which can impair speaking ability due to damages on vocal cords.

Drink. To stay hydrated and help your body deal with infections, you should drink plenty of liquids. Drink about 8 glasses of liquids each day. Milk can also help to alleviate irritated or inflamed tonsils.

Excessive Mucous

• Throat obstruction can be caused by excessive mucous production. These are common home remedies to treat excessive mucous production:

Honey and grape juice. Add two tablespoonfuls of honey to an equal amount of grape juice. Take this every eight hours for one week. Grape juice can act as an effective expectorant.

Raw honey with white pepper. Mix one teaspoonful of raw honey with some white pepper. When taken twice each day, you can dry up the phlegm easily.

Lemon and onion. Mix a lemon and one onion together and put the juice to a cup of boiling water. To improve the taste you can add some honey and let it cool. Drink the whole cup in one sitting and do this every eight hours to remove phlegm.

Eucalyptus and mint leaves. Boil a handful of eucalyptus and mint leaves together in a single pot of filled with some water. Once the water is boiling, remove it from the stove, drape over a towel on your head and inhale the vapor. It can dry up your phlegm and open up your sinuses.

Salt and pepper. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to a juice taken from half of a lemon. It will help to dry your mucus up.

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